I have been in sales or in a sales related field nearly my entire taxpaying life. Every one of my customers wanted a guarantee, a warrantee and an extended warrantee that the product or service they bought will always be in working order and continue giving them that ‘new car’ feeling forever. People want promises that they’ve done the right thing; it’s part of the sales process. But even so, most people have buyer’s remorse after the sale. It’s that instant sinking feeling of buying something that you shouldn’t have and you can’t get out of it or get rid of it.

If you really didn’t need or want the product or service, then you shouldn’t have gone through with the sale, right? Most will buy because they were SOLD, with a certain bias to make the sale by the merchant. After all, that’s why a business is in business…to make a profit.

At least 83% of woman and girls that aborted wanted to keep their baby. That means that these women were pressured – SOLD – on getting an abortion either by their ‘partner’, parent, the media, and/or the abortion provider. At least 84% of women were not counseled before their abortion. If they were given a FULL DISCLOSURE of what an abortion is and how it will affect the rest of their life, how many more babies would have survived a fatal ‘choice’?

After abortion, there is instant remorse for having ended the life of a child. The baby cannot come back, the damage is done – but not just for the aborted baby, the mother is damaged forever and has to live with the remorse of a very bad choice.

At the very least, 65% of women/girls suffer multiple symptoms (promiscuity, drug abuse, alcoholism, psychological breakdown, eating disorders, etc) of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. Suicide rates are 6 times higher among women who abort; teens are 6 times more likely to commit suicide if they’ve had an abortion in the last 6 months.

Buyer’s remorse of abortion? Nearly every time. Don’t let anyone SELL you on killing your unborn baby. Abby Johnson said she heard  directly from Planned Parenthood to SELL more abortions – Planned Parenthood ‘needed’ the money.

Abortion is a business that makes a profit, not promises.

2 thoughts on “A buyer’s remorse of abortion.

  1. Abortion is a business that makes a profit, not promises.

    Oh, but Rev, don’t you know PP is a non-profit business?

    That’s the kind of inanity you get from the anti-lifers. They see no problem with people like Cecile Richards making as much a year as Obama. They don’t seem to understand that the more money PP brings in, the more pay raises she gets, and the more they can spend getting sympathetic politicians elected.

    Their tax status aside, they operate like a profit driven corporation. Absolutely.

  2. Abortion is pre-meditated murder and the mother and physician who are complicit in the death of an unborn baby will have to answer for it on their Judgement Day.

    “Planned Parenthood” should change their name to “Planned Infanticide” or “Murder Inc.”

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