Social Gospel is socialistic, communal in truth and theory; it’s a sense of ‘everybody get together, try to love one another right now’ mentality. There is no hunger or thirst, no death, just love in the Land of Oz.

A contributing writer of Bangor Daily News (5/27/11) rebuking a self-proclaimed ‘Puritan-inflected America’, writes:

“On the other hand, there also is an America of community, common cause, charity and collective responsibility. In this America, salvation comes from good works, compassion is among the greatest of virtues, and our highest obligation is to help others. These precepts run from Walt Whitman to the late 19th century Social Gospel movement to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The issue with the Social Gospel is doing everything in spite of true salvation; salvation NEVER comes from good works. The Social Gospel is man-made and man fueled.

The Evangelical/Protestant Church is constantly bombarded with accusations of being cold and indifferent to what is happening to the world around them. Jesus said (Mark 14:7), “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always.” Simply, we are to put Jesus FIRST always and then good works like feeding the poor will come after. True Christians understand salvation first, works second – Social Gospel regards works, not Jesus or Salvation.

The Abortion Agenda and the homosexual movement are headquartered in the Social Gospel. United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church, and United Methodists are just the tip of the Social Gospel iceberg. The Church itself has made socialism pragmatic, not salvation. If this were not true, there wouldn’t be over 35% of Christian women aborting their babies and homosexuality would be where it should be – a grievous SIN. Repent? How can that happen when denominations support Planned Parenthood, drive minor girls to the abortion clinic and ordain gays? While it is socially acceptable for America to wrap her arms around abortion and homosexuality, that is not so in the true Church. True salvation shows no flexibility to social economics or anything else.

The Social Gospel is heresy and has never been OF God, but it is accepted by liberal democrats that say they espouse a somewhat sort-of Christian-like religion…thus, the Social Gospel of America – the belief in SELF, not the one true God. Social Gospel kills through abortion and euthanasia, and takes away our most basic Christian liberties. Eventually, the Bible will be the Sears catalog of the outhouse of America instead of what should be…the Purpose Driven Life.

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