You’d have to wear beer goggles to see something so skewed and believe it.

My husband said, “They are all drunk on their delusion and hungover on their evil stupidity,” which is absolutely true. The ignorance that spews from their mouths like an erupting Vesuvius is killing our kids and our future America.

Who is most vulnerable to the baby killing dogma of the progressive left? Women – particularly those that do not associate themselves with a political party or any Christian doctrine. Women ages 30-55 years old are the most wishy-washy of all voters. They believe anything that has to do with their false sense of independence and any reason to NOT get off the couch; 50% of abortions kill preborn women. Beer Goggles.

Nice duck-and-cover: “America just doesn’t want their money wrapped up in abortion, especially when things are fiscally tight,” said the SBA List President. Hitting them in the wallet doesn’t work; somehow Americans still don’t believe that they do pay for abortion and have paid for abortion for the last 38+ years. Beer Goggles.

An anti-abortion group has been setting up graphic displays outside high schools in Calgary trying to bring awareness to young people, “These images are inappropriate for a public audience, never mind in front of school children. It’s a new low for this group,” said an abortion clinic official. But it’s okay to trawl for business: These teen-aged CHILDREN have been indoctrinated with the abortion agenda in school and have been prompted and even driven to the clinic for abortions on school time. Beer Goggles.

Definition of irony: It’s a bitter pill to swallow when the other side uses your tired, ages old democrat tactic: “They wait until there is no opportunity for public testimony and then they turn their phones off,” said an executive director of NARAL in Ohio. Republican leaders in the Ohio Senate dropped some new abortion restrictions into a state budget plan yesterday (6/7/11) just hours before approving it, a move that denied the chance for testimony from either side of one of the nation’s most divisive public policy issues. In the iconic words of Pee Wee Herman, ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue – what you say bounces off me and sticks on you’. Beer Goggles.

Besides violating free speech rights: Americans United for Life is getting involved in the legal battle over a Baltimore law that would require faith-based pregnancy centers to post notices stating they do not offer abortion referrals. Then would it not be prudent for an abortion provider to post a bit of signage as well: ABORTION WILL KILL YOUR UNBORN BABY. Beer Goggles.

As serious as the abortion agenda is, abortion rights activists walk around in their loopy world expecting the rest of us to buy into the socialistic America they aspire to have.

Truly, too many middle aged people, particularly women, follow them around like tail-wagging puppies. If you don’t pay attention to the world around you and do something about it, someone else will. Don’t wear beer goggles – they’re not attractive.

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