The vigil at Planned Parenthood of Dayton

Many taxpaying Americans have NO IDEA what their tax dollars are paying for. Do they care where the money goes or have they just plain given up?

OR, we can give our money directly to those that need it…can’t we?

Not always: Millions of people freely give to Susan G. Komen, Girl Scouts and United Way, to name a few. They claim to take care of poor families and children, provide medical and other types of care for ‘low income women’ (which is a total copout term), etc. BUT – have you really looked into what you are actually paying for?

Susan G: “And while Komen Affiliates provide funds to pay for [cancer] screening, education and treatment programs in dozens of communities, in some areas, the only place that poor, uninsured or under-insured women can receive these services are through programs run by Planned Parenthood.” Race for WHAT cure? –> read here

Girl Scouts: “Since the 1990’s the Girl Scouts organization (both GSUSA WAGGGS) has migrated in a more radical, feminist, new age direction.  Consider:  1) “God” being made optional in the Oath; 2) various cases of Planned Parenthood invited to do badge work in councils around the U.S. 3) Radical Feminist, pro-abortion, and lesbian speakers such as Charlotte Bunch, Kavita Ramdas, and Dr. Johnetta Cole receiving awards or speaking at conferences 4) the activist involvement by the World Association of Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) at the United Nations.” Keep your cookies. –> read here

United Way: “Beginning April 1, Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio will become an affiliate partner. That means United Way no longer will consider funding Planned Parenthood with the contributions it receives as part of its annual campaign drive unless the donor specifies the contribution for that purpose.” Can you say TIP OF THE ICEBERG? –> read here

The lousy thing that United Way has done is that they say they divert your money to where you want it spent, much like how federal tax money NEVER pays for abortion…because they ‘said so’. We all know that’s an outright lie. Personally, I believe that if Cecile Richards really stands by a woman’s right to choose that she should CHOOSE to forfeit her fat salary to her SO-CALLED health centers.

Planned Parenthood is in bed with MANY partners and always will be unless abortion is eradicated. Until then, make sure of where your money goes.

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