The misnomer is that all Prolifers are social outcast renegades that target public places to protest and get arrested. Although that does happen and some Prolifers are called to be protesters and sidewalk counselors (and 99.9% of them are peaceful, loving people), there is much more that needs to be done for LIFE that anyone can do:

1. Write a letter. That’s right…write! Write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper either about recent legislation or your opinion of current prolife events and news. Your state representative or senator might read your letter and consider your prolife view. Also email and/or write a letter to your State Rep and State Senator letting them know that your vote counts regarding Prolife issues and legislation.

2. Pick up the phone. This is the best way to find out how your State Rep and State Senator votes on Prolife issues. If they are pro-choice, find out what you can do to change their vote. Calling your State Reps and State Senator during a hot Prolife issue (especially during an election year) gets their attention.

3. Lobby for prolife legislation. Since the 2008 election year, there has been more Prolife legislation presented than ever before. Find out who your State Representative and State Senator is, find your local Prolife groups and find out how to get involved.

4. Get your church involved. This is my personal pet peeve…churches are not professing a Prolife stance; saying ‘abortion is wrong’ in passing in the pulpit does NOT COUNT. A recent survey said that Evangelical Christians are more likely to be prochoice than Mormons and Roman Catholics. If your church is not supporting a Crisis Pregnancy Center (monetarily or amassing items needed for newborns and pregnant moms) and preaching a Prolife message, then that congregation is a risk of leaning pro-choice. It has been proven that when a church preaches a Prolife message, church members are more likely to be Prolife and give and vote accordingly.

5. Be a pest. Your closest family members, co-workers and friends do not want to talk about abortion. It’s a difficult subject and uncomfortable to talk about even with people that are closest to you. All we can do as Prolifers is present the facts and never back down. Unborn baby’s lives depend on each and every person getting a revelation of Life.

The United States of America is a fantastic place built on Christian principles since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and probably more importantly, the Constitution. I encourage EVERYONE to get to know the United States Constitution and your state Constitution, as well. Law makers assume we know nothing of the law and what it’s based on. The more we know about the law and how it works, the faster we can eradicate ABORTION.

Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. Get involved and get BLESSED!

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