A personal note: Most people that write about prolife and abortion issues have never ‘carried the bag’; in other words, most have no personal knowledge about what they are writing or saying, only the passion of trying to save unborn children – which I do commend them for. However, just know that I have personally been inside of an abortion clinic, seen the conditions, staff and suffered the procedure. What I have to say is not arbitrary; it is the stone-cold truth.

There’s been a bunch of current legislation regarding renovating abortion clinics to be up to state standard just like any other out-patient facility. The recent story from Philadelphia outing Kermit Gosnell and his multi-million dollar abortion clinic dubbed a ‘house of horrors’ for being a threat to public safety was only the tip of the iceberg. Abortion providers all over the country are sub-standard in care and in safety to their patients. Now there’s the problem – they are not patients, they are customers.

As dark and horrific as abortion clinics are anyway, they are often dirty and unsafe. Women seeking abortions have no idea what to expect when they get there and usually just deal with seeing crawling insects, rodent droppings, grimy floors and windows; and that’s just in the ‘waiting room’.

Interestingly, women wouldn’t go into a nail shop to get a manicure in a dirty salon but will get an abortion in filthy conditions? This is what abortion providers consider ‘health care’ for women and low-income women.

Stepping up the law to get these awful places regulated is at the very least a step in providing an environment that doesn’t spread disease and infection to their customers. Abortion providers count on women NOT doing their homework when they are looking for an abortion. Women don’t know how many women may have died there due to lack of knowledgeable care or the clinic doesn’t have the required equipment for life-saving circumstances. Women are more concerned with being found out about their abortion rather than their own life; they’re told it’s like going to the dentist and to get over it. This is what the abortion industry breeds – intimidation and greed.

What I’m trying to understand is why these providers will not just do what the law says (after all, the law lets them operate) and renovate to current out-patient standards. We aren’t ignorant, abortion providers make a profit or they would not be in business so what’s the problem? All things considered, it’s an issue of arrogance knowing they have Roe to lean on and lax state regulations/inspections because of it. The debacle in Philly with Gosnell proves the point: Look the other way, let them operate because the law says we have to….even if women and viable babies die at the hands of these people.

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