After the Ohio House passed the Heartbeat Bill (HB125), the clash of the wannabe Titans has begun. Everyone has an opinion; usually ego driven, not based on fact. But the facts are easily assimilated: A heartbeat ensures that there is LIFE, not death.

Robert P. Mecklenborg (R)

It was encouraging to see our elected Representatives working for us for a change. Way too often the liberals set themselves up to be the arbiters of the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade even though the ruling was unconstitutional in the first place. Our Constitution clearly says in the 10th Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Our sovereignty as separate states was effectively taken away with the Roe ruling.

The Heartbeat Bill has been acknowledged as legislation that does not save ALL of the babies, and that is partially true. Personhood law is the way to go, I AGREE, however we are dealt a hand that is hard to win with…Prolifers need to stack the deck with incremental law so we can beat the baby-killing liberals and overturn Roe for good. Holding out until Personhood happens only kills more unborn babies in the interim.

Prolifers are accused of being in the ‘bedroom’ with legislation all the time but it’s the liberals that keep judges, congressmen, senators and presidents in the bedroom since they crammed Roe in there like a bad roommate.

Let me give a great big online THANK YOU to the Representatives that voted for the Heartbeat Bill:

Speaker Bill Batchelder, Representatives John Adams, Richard Adams, Ron Amstutz, Nan Baker, Troy Balderson, Pete Beck, Terry Blair, Lou Blessing, Terry Boose, Andrew Brenner, Danny Bubp, Jim Buchy, Dave Burke, Jim Butler, John Carey, Courtney Combs, Margy Conditt, Rex Damschroder, Tim Derickson, Mike Dovilla, Randy Gardner, Anne Gonzales, Bruce Goodwin, Cheryl Grossman, Robert Hackett, Christina Hagan, Dave Hall, Bill Hayes, Mike Henne, Jay Hottinger, Matt Huffman, Terry Johnson, Casey Kozlowski, Al Landis, Ron Maag, Jarrod Martin, Jeff McClain, Todd McKenney, Robert Mecklenborg, Craig Newbold, Bob Peterson, Kristina Roegner, Cliff Rosenberger, Margaret Ann Ruhl, Kirk Schuring, Barbara Sears, Lynn Slaby, Robert Sprague, Peter Stautberg, Andy Thompson, Joe Uecker, Lynn Wachtmann (prime sponsor), and Ron Young.

As Ohio’s state motto says, “With God All Things Are Possible.”

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