A recent opinionator in the Columbus Dispatch said that the reason why young professionals are leaving Ohio is because ‘A healthy majority of young, educated professionals lean left.’ Apparently, this opinionator is particularly peeved at the recent passing of the Heartbeat Bill (HB125). I suppose saving unborn Ohioans to the tune of about 28,000 per year is offensive to this person? Has the right to Life become OFFENSIVE to self-proclaimed young educated professionals? Would you die for abortion rights just as these unborn Ohioans do every day?

Read the opinionator’s letter here.

To the opinionator, did you bother to ask the unborn children how they feel about being snuffed out because of a very bad Supreme Court ruling to the tune of over 55 million DEAD thus far? Are you willing to put your young-educated-professional-someday-paycheck on the line to keep killing unborn children? You already do with your taxes going toward Planned Parenthood. You must be okay with the government taking your money to pay for the death of unborn children – but are you willing to write that check yourself if the government stops funding Planned Parenthood?

The United States of America, particularly Ohio, is at a crossroads of either being a place that our Framers meant it to be or a socialistic nightmare.

We, the PEOPLE, will not be intimidated any longer by 20 year old Obama-wannabes. We, the PEOPLE want our country BACK and we Ohioans want our state back. The people of Ohio spoke LOUD AND CLEAR in our last election…no more business as usual with our state government.

Mr. or Ms Opinionator, the United States of America has FIFTY states, all of which have their issues and blessings. If you don’t like it, change it or leave.

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