There is so much opinion about abortion; prochoicers lean on Roe while Prolifers lean on fact…a heartbeat determines Life or death. Can’t get much simpler than that.

While watching the debate on the Heartbeat Bill, I couldn’t help but wonder: If one of the prochoice Ohio state representatives debating against the Heartbeat Bill suddenly fell to the floor and was unconscious, how would someone determine if that person is alive or dead? And, would that undermine that rep’s prochoice sensibilities? Does that rep have a RIGHT TO LIFE:

Does a first-responder look for a heartbeat to determine Life or asks the state rep if it’s their right to choose to be unconscious? Do you think that the unconscious person is going to be upset that someone checked to see if she/he is still alive? Would that disturb her/his sensibilities surrounding their right to determine if there is Life? Do they not have a right to choose? Then, while that person is still unconscious and a heartbeat is not present, would it again upset that person’s sensibilities regarding the RIGHT TO LIFE if the first-responder would administer CPR or use other heroic methods to save that person’s Life? That being said, is a first-responder or whoever found the unconscious state rep within the law to choose to help the representative? Would that first-responder go to jail for choosing NOT to aid the rep?

Sound stupid? THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS STUPID. A heartbeat determines whether or not a human, animal, fish or bird is alive or dead.

A heartbeat is present in the first month of pregnancy. The Heartbeat Bill will save thousands of lives and will make the abortionist responsible for the death of the unborn child if that ‘doctor’ performs the abortion procedure on an unborn child that has a heartbeat.

Can’t get much simpler than that.

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