A letter to the Editor in today’s newspaper said: ‘Abortion decision belongs to pregnant woman and no one else’. This I have to say to the writer of that letter…the decision has already been made. You are going to have a baby.

You’re a big girl, pregnant woman! You were big girl enough to have sex, now deal with the consequence of having a child that will love you the moment he or she is born and sees your face. Your decision has been made.

The writer goes on to say what all of the prochoicers always say, “Is it really fair for the unwanted children to be born into the world only to be abused or thrown out with trash?”

This is the bane of the prochoicer and tree hugger…just because a child was not perfectly planned, that child will become homeless, beaten, cheated, hungry and left to die somewhere. Where does that information come from? Who comes up with this fantasy of big-eyed waifs starving to death because they were not aborted?

Then, what is ‘fair’? Giving the unborn child a chance at LIFE.

The ‘decision’ to abort is deciding to murder someone because of a bad decision already made…having sex when you shouldn’t have.


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