A friend of mine and my husband’s, after much prayer, received a word from the Lord and blessed us with His message:

“I believe the Lord told me that the main reason for our fiscal problem is abortion. The millions of babies that have been murdered have made Social Security unsustainable and also the lack of all these people buying and selling has greatly hindered growth.”

The truth of abortion can’t get any plainer than that.

The United States of America is in its financial woes not just because of abysmal management – the reality is that there is AT LEAST 55+ million men and women that cannot contribute and help sustain this great nation because they were murdered in the womb. And, because they were murdered, their eventual children were never born.

Jerry Tuma of Cornerstone Financial Services spoke on behalf of the Heartbeat Bill last March. Read his report here and see the video here. My husband and I had the privilege of hearing what he had to say about such sustainability without 55+ million people. Mr. Tuma pointed out that when Social Security was created, there were 33 workers per 1 retiree; there are only 3 workers per 1 retiree…where have all the workers gone? Mr. Tuma stated:

“Now we are faced with the consequences of our choices as a reduced population first produces reduced consumer spending trends and with that reduced economic prosperity. Secondly, reduced populations leave us with far fewer taxpayers available to fill growing problems with Social Security and Medicare, which will soon mushroom out of control.”

Math doesn’t lie. Abortion has crippled our country to the point that it may not recover.

3 thoughts on “Whose turn is it to pay?

  1. i believe the SIN of homosexuality also plays a significant part in our financial woes.

  2. I believe that you should not say that god talks about our financial system because he gave us FREE WILL that always each of us as humans to make our own decisions. If you believe in god as you say to do then you should not pass judgement which is what you are doing. Don’t take this the wrong way I am using the right of freedom of speech while I still have some rights as a woman. The women here should be ashamed God and Jesus are our saviors they do not focus on the finances of the country or any individual. He wants to believe repent and follow in his word.

  3. Rebecca, I used to think that way, too – until I read the entire Bible, front to back. Money and our stewardship of it was determined in the Old and New Testaments by God thru the Prophets & Jesus Christ. And to address your other accusation, there is righteous judgment and ungodly judgment; that is determined by agenda, heart intent and the Word of God.

    God Bless <

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