Sometimes I have to remember that just because I keep up with Prolife issues doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Certainly there are many ‘converts’, like I was once, that really don’t understand what abortion is or what it does. They see lots of media bias toward the acceptability of abortion and how Prolifers are typically considered bomb-carrying terrorists.

On my blog, someone put in the search box, “do abortions always kill the baby?”

I sat back and thought about how ignorant we all can be of sometimes the most obvious things. Yes, abortion is MEANT to kill the baby.

But does the baby always die? The INTENT of abortion is to always kill the baby. But there are times when a baby is accidentally born alive and then left to die in hospital closets, just ask Jill Stanek. There were times when babies survived a saline abortion, just ask Melissa Ohden.

Through tragic circumstances like rape, a baby has to die? How many more Down Syndrome babies have to die because they aren’t perfect enough to their parents?

Abortion has always been a way out, not to save a woman’s life.

4000 babies die every day in the United States that we know of.

Yes, abortions always kills the baby.

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