That was a statement from a man that has been a born-again Christian and has gone to the same church for the last 30 years. What he really said is “NOW we’re prolife even though we’ve been Christians forever and long time members of our Church.” How did the issues of Life and abortion not cross your mind until now, I wanted to ask.

Dumbfounded, nearly speechless, I listened to the rest of his story. 

He said that he became Prolife because of his daughter. She was ill with Cystic Fibrosis and became pregnant. Of course the doctor told her that she could die if she carries the baby to term. She went to her parents and told them that she was going to have her baby anyway. But her parents were scared to death that they would lose their daughter.

Being in the middle of whose life was more important; they thought that abortion would be a way to keep their daughter from dying prematurely.

She had her baby and three years later she died; her precious son is now being raised by his grandparents. Of course now they know what the right answer was but the life issue is this: His church did NOT do its job to preach and teach against abortion. There would have never been any question of what to do if his church had preached a LIFE message on a regular basis…most churches do not or will not preach a LIFE message because they fear it will offend.

Most churches, large and small, do not know that about 43% of ALL women 45 years old and under are Post Abortive. These women and MEN are sitting in their church and no one is ministering to them or preaching about LIFE and forgiveness.

Most of these non-denominational and denominational churches are way too busy being relevant with the world instead of what Christians are called to do, “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.” What is more ‘unclean’ that the slaughter of unborn children?



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