Church, what is your stand for Life? What is your written a policy about Life? Does your church know that you have a Life policy?

The humanistic world is creeping into the Church trying to change how we think about Life, abortion, the gay agenda and world unity. Relativism is tweaking the ears of the highly intelligent church member leading them to believe that if there is ‘more’ [to learn] out there, it would substantiate their need for creative thinking instead of the simple truth of the Gospel. Scripture has no real value beyond subjective moments of ‘inspiration’.

“The announcement that the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA, has chosen a lesbian, pro-abortion president to lead the seminary has sent shock waves around the Anglican Communion. The appointment of Katherine Hancock Ragsdale highlights a week that also saw TEC bishop-elect Kevin Thew Forrester replace a reading from the New Testament with a reading from the Quran at St. Paul’s Marquette, Michigan.” David W. Virtue

Humanistic values now reflect a perverse sense of priorities in the Post Modern Church…or rather, the Emergent. Morality and spirituality does not count for the truth or “real” knowledge of those in the Post Modern Church – they’ve moved from when Life begins to if Life can be sustained to their satisfaction.

And succinctly, Roe made sense to the Post Modern Church. The dignity of Life was effectively dismissed and replaced with the humanistic need to save the world without God.

The Emergent has taken ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ to mean that to murder unborn Life is to be merciful.

Certainly the Emergent is not Evangelical any longer, if they ever were. They’ve become an entity that is more humanitarian than Christian. Has being relevant changed how the Church views Life?

Most denominations make exceptions for abortion in certain circumstances but fail to realize that no matter the reason or situation, a child will die.


One thought on “Coming back to the humanity of LIFE.

  1. Public schools are undermining Christian, pro-life family values in their Planned Parenthood-style comprehensive sex-ed classes using situational ethics to sell what they call the “Third View” on abortion. If we cannot count on churches and our religious leaders to take the Biblical, moral high ground on this issue, we are indeed on the slippery slope. Thank you for taking a stand for LIFE and unborn children. May God bless you.

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