Being a former unborn child, I feel I have a right to my opinion and judgment of those that were also former unborn children, who have some kind of pseudo fear of what they determine to be ‘unwanted’ babies and doomed to an untimely death.

Everyone that has ever been born has also been…unborn.

As a former unborn child I can tell you that being after-born is way better than the certain death of 25% of unborn children. In fact, I did not need anyone to tell me how viable or unviable my after-born life would be – LIFE was still my CHOICE. I did not need to be put out of my misery or kept from my after-born life because I may not have been perfect enough.

Being a former unborn child, I have to wonder exactly who is deeming who ‘unwanted’. Now, circumstances can make one assume being either unwanted or unplanned to be non-life worthy. However, being a former unborn child, I can assure you that I preferred LIFE to being vacuumed out of my mother’s womb.

Was I planned? Was I part of a plan? Was I even consulted? Hmm…interesting view, I would say. Okay then – how does any former unborn child become a proponent of choosing death for other unborn children who have also NOT been consulted?

I am now considering the title ‘Unborn Child Consultant’ along with advocate, activist and minister. It seems to me that a certain demographic has been long ignored and not given their God-given rights and lawful proprieties. It also seems that many other people that are too self-absorbed in their own after-born lives to think outside the box to see that we are a nation in trouble without the 50-100 million dead unborn children to help support our country.

As a former unborn child I will tell you that abortion has never been the answer to any question. Unborn children do not want to die.

But as an Unborn Child Consultant, I will do whatever it takes to make the killing stop.

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