Why are you so surprised about Komen backing out? Interestingly, there is no reason why Komen and Planned Parenthood should have ever hooked up; senseless. I’m still trying to figure out why this whole Komen phenomenon ever happened in the first place. To my knowledge, there is still the American Cancer Society – if you feel burdened to give money to benefit a cure for cancer, rather than giving your money to baby killers.

So, why did Komen get so big? Major corporations support Komen, such as:

American Airlines, Ask.com, Caribou Coffee Company, Caterpillar, Crayola, Dell, Dots, Evian, Energizer, Ford Motor Company, Forever 21, Georgia-Pacific, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Igloo, Hewlett-Packard, Kitchen Aid, La Madeline, Liberty Mutual, Lowe’s Companies, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, NBC Today Show, Nestle Purina PetCare Company, Nordstrom, Old Navy, OPI, Oreck, Otis Spunkmeyer, Pandora Jewelry, Pepperidge Farm, Payless ShoeSource, Redken, REMAX, Sally Beauty, Stein Mart, Walgreens, Yoplait….and my personal favorite…..ZUMBA.

So, each and every one of you that “Zumba’s” at a church, is supporting Planned Parenthood.

That is a partial list. Click here to find more companies and corporations that support Komen who supports Planned Parenthood who kills unborn babies.

Math doesn’t lie. Unborn babies are dying because someone is paying for it.

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