40 Days for LIFE; Week 2 summary

Interesting week in prolife, indeed.

Our local 40 Days for Life was blessed to have a candlelight service with Dr. Brian Clowes as our speaker. Brian and his wife, Kathleen combined have over 50 years of pro-life experience, ranging from rescues, sidewalk counseling to counseling pregnant women and assisting in litigation against abortionists. He was inspiring and very personable. Our core team did a great job in getting everything in a row but no one could have stopped the wind – our candles kept going out. But we were unmoved, thank God! My little church came with Pastor in tow and even gave a word. I’m very proud of my Pastor getting to know the prolife world and wanting to be a big part of it. It’s exactly what every church should want to be – preaching the Message of LIFE from the pulpit.

We tend to forget that the 40 Days for Life movement is meant for everyone, not just Evangelicals; not just Catholics…it’s an ecumenical group of all lovers of the Message of LIFE. We come together to pray for the moms and dads that come to the clinic for abortions, we pray for the pregnant coerced teens that are being taken in these places by their moms and dads, we pray for the abortion workers, we pray for those that drive by and see us in prayer….because EVERYONE has been touched by the evil hand of abortion.

Regarding Post Abortive women:  A respected medical journal is distancing itself from a controversial study it published that established a link between abortion and mental illness. Really. I wonder how many actual real life post abortive women conducted this study.

A picture worth a 1000 words:  Abdominal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions in Virginia will become mandatory under a bill signed into law Wednesday by the state’s Republican governor who had faced a national uproar when earlier versions of the measure had sought to make the exams medically invasive. The old bait and switch still works

In the ARE YOU KIDDING ME file:  Maryland prosecutors on Tuesday dismissed murder charges against two out-of-state abortion doctors, citing conflicts in expert testimony. Cecil County State’s Attorney Ellis Rollins announced the dismissal of all charges against Drs. Steven C. Brigham of Voorhees, and Nicola Riley of Salt Lake City, Utah. Conflict? Does not a dead child make the case?

My dear Prolife friends, STAND FAST! We are making headway, lives are being saved, but not near enough. Please continue to pray and be in supplication, talk to your Pastor or Priest about speaking LIFE from the pulpit, and never NEVER back down. Our unborn are too important!

Have a great week!


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