1. “You can’t be pro-choice and be anti-death penalty/anti-war at the same time.”

He said False. “The victims of the death penalty and war are fully conscious persons rather than presentient entities in a woman’s womb, so the moral questions involved are entirely different.”

MYTH BUSTED: IF an unborn child is not yet alive while in the womb, it would then make sense that the unborn child has died, thus to be miscarried. Abortion rights folks choose when life begins to soothe their conscience on the impending premeditated murder of an unborn child.

Now, if you want to expound on that being conscious is being alive, be very careful. People on life support in hospitals, hospice and/or nursing homes are either in or out of consciousness at any given time. Is the abortion rights guy saying that we have the right to kill anyone that is not conscious? I sure hope no one passes out or falls asleep at one of his parties.

The abortion rights guy regards the right to abort as a civil rights issue. For who, exactly? Would not the personhood of the said unborn child consider their civil rights to be nonexistent if they have no say in the matter of being exterminated?

Not so long ago, a man named Dred Scott, being quite alive and FULLY CONSCIOUS determined that he should have the right to personhood just like Caucasians of that time. It took a period of years to make the judgment of personhood even though he was standing right there where everyone could see him, that he was an actual person.

Can you get that mental picture? Can you argue in a court of law that you are alive and deserving of civil rights? Now, can you do that in an unconscious state? Of course not. But that does not give anyone the right to murder you while you are incapacitated or perhaps too young to comprehend. I would imagine that if Terry Schiavo could speak today, she’d let you know that murdering her by taking away food and water WHILE CONSCIOUS was inhumane and abominable.

The irony of the abortion rights guy thinking that the death penalty and war is wrong is showing his stupidity. The abortion rights guy will say that abortion is not against the law thus is legal, BUT:

  • The death penalty is not against the law in most states thus it is LEGAL in those states. The abortion rights guy is for equal treatment of all people, except unborn children.
  • War is determined by the federal government and not voted for or against, thus LEGAL when enacted. Again, the abortion rights guy is not quite getting that you can’t choose to ignore some laws of the land to determine your own agenda.

The answer to the abortion rights guy is this: Unborn children are still human beings not yet born. They deserve to be alive just as much as anyone else, including you.

5 thoughts on “The Myth of Abortion Rights by an abortion rights guy, part 1 of 10.

  1. So do you think womens wombs should be public posession? And if you are pro-life and believe, that everyone has the right to live, can you justify meat-eating?

  2. That is where you and I are fundamentally different; God put all the world (animals, plants) under our subjection to use as food, shelter, covering, etc. The world that God entrusted to us is just exactly that…ENTRUSTED that it would be used as He sees fit. If it were not for His provision, you would not eat the food of field, meat of any animal whether it was butchered as a steak or an additive for other food enhancements that you aren’t even aware of eating. All this being said, the womb has ALSO BEEN ENTRUSTED TO WOMEN TO BE USED FOR FUTURE CHILDREN, not expel what prochoicers call ‘a blob of tissue’. ~ Rev. K.H.

  3. People do not have the right to deem other humans “not persons.” When we do, there are deadly consequences. The slaves were “not people,” and therefore were owned like property, beaten, and sometimes killed without any repercussions. During the Holocaust, millions of Jews were tortured and killed because they were “not people.” And now, abortion kills over three thousand people a day because they are “not people.” History repeats itself, and unfortunately, it has deadly consequences.

  4. I agree about Terri Schivo. Starvation and dehydratin is an awful way to die. They did that to my mother is a hospital to cover up the fact they gave her so much medication she was in a semi-vegetative state. I know the agony she went through and the memories of agony that I went through.
    Elaine Marlowe Mitchell

  5. Someone once said, rather offhandedly, that it seemed when all the family had left the hospital/hospice/nursing home is when the loved one died. It makes you wonder.

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