2. “Abortion causes breast cancer.”

He said: Mostly false. In 1997, the New England Journal of Medicine published the largest-scale study ever on this subject–with 1.5 million participants–which concluded that there is no independent link between abortion and breast cancer. Clearly if abortion does increase the risk of breast cancer, it does so by an undetectably small margin. Becoming pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term may, however, reduce the risk of breast cancer.


MYTH BUSTED: Interrupting a pregnancy via abortion absolutely does pose a risk to breast cancer.

In April 2009, Dr. Louise Brinton co-authored a research paper published in the prestigious journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, which concluded that the risk of a particularly deadly form of breast cancer that attacks women under 40 raises 40 percent if a woman has had an abortion. (wnd.com)

[By the way, Dr. Brinton was the National Cancer Institute’s chief of the Environmental Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, served as chairperson at an NCI workshop in Bethesda, Md.]

Is it any surprise that Komen and Planned Parenthood hooked up? It’s not serendipity. Not when Legislatures in nearly a dozen states are considering requiring that doctors warn patients of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

It’s clear: If women know they may get breast cancer, they won’t abort. If women don’t abort then Liberals won’t have that nifty trump card like ‘The War on Women’ lie. And don’t forget that exposing this link would shut down the abortion industry and Cecile, and others like her, would have to get a real job where no one dies to pay their salary. So the next best thing is to find ‘undetermined’ or ‘unclear’ or ‘slight risk’ results on the abortion/breast cancer link.

ALL THAT BEING SAID: Hormone based contraceptives do cause cancer. According to the researchers, this is the first large-scale U.S. study to examine the link between depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) and an increased risk of breast cancer.  DMPA is the main component in the branded progestin-only injectable contraceptive Depo-Prevara.

[Hey, interesting thought here…the government pays for abortion (medical & surgical) and contraceptives (oral & injectable). Is this ironic or serendipity or what, I wonder]

And that’s not all: “A 1996 large scale international collaborative analysis of some 54 epidemiological studies, based on over 53,000 women with breast cancer and published in The Lancet in1996, demonstrated that use of the pill starting in adolescence increased risks of breast cancer by 60 percent.”

Is cancer ever worth the risk, abortion rights guy?


One thought on “The Myth of Abortion Rights by an abortion rights guy, part 2 of 10.

  1. Once again, the pro-abortion movement wants to deny truth. There is much research that points towards the conclusion that abortion can cause breast cancer. Many people don’t do the research, and just go off of what other pro-aborts say. However, I’ve read the reports myself and tried to understand. I have come to the conclusion that YES, abortion can cause breast cancer! We need to spread the FACTS, not just pro-abortion biased sayings.

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