6. “Emergency contraception causes abortions.”

He said False…“Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy from occurring in the first place by blocking fertilization of the egg and subsequent implantation in the uterus; it does not, and cannot, induce abortions. If your objective is to reduce the number of abortions, then the single most effective thing you can do to achieve that goal is to help make emergency contraception universally available over the counter.”

MYTH BUSTED: Planned Parenthood says, “The morning-after pill can also thin the lining of the uterus. In theory, this could prevent pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus.”

IN THEORY? By using the same basic ingredients that is in birth control pills, it will make the lining of your womb a hostile environment to a brand new unborn baby so that he/she cannot attach to the womb…which expels the unborn child, thus an abortion.

Which, by the way, is also explained on PP’s site saying to take extra doses of birth control pills to have the same effect as the ‘morning after pill’.

As bad as ‘emergency contraception’ is, this is probably the most heinous thing I have ever heard: Planned Parenthood also says that inserting an IUD within 5 days of unprotected sex can be used as emergency contraception (have you noticed how the IUD kinda looks like a hanger…just a thought…) BUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD FINALLY ADMITTED IT….the IUD does NOT keep sperm and egg from meeting, it makes the inside of the womb too hard for the unborn baby to attach, so it dies and aborts. It’s like putting a lion in a room alone with a puppy….the puppy won’t be coming out alive.

The abortion rights guy is delusional…you give abortion-inducing drugs to girls and women to force the brand new life to abort and say this is to reduce abortions? Just how ignorant does this guy think we are? Women know that the IUD, birth control pills and the morning after pill induce abortions but because they did not have to go to a ‘clinic’ to surgically remove their unborn child, it somehow isn’t the same? HUH?

I think the abortion rights guy is on a planet way too close to the sun.

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