7. “Banning abortion will get rid of it, once and for all.”

He said False: “In El Salvador, abortion is illegal with a possible 30-year prison sentence attached–and women can still easily obtain cheap black market abortificients to induce abortion. The only drawback? No medical supervision. Banning abortion won’t put an end to abortion, but it will put women’s lives at risk.”

MYTH BUSTED: The data is inconclusive of exactly how may so-called back alley abortions take place and in fact are generally urban legend. Consider this, abortion rights guy…do we have police to catch the bad guys that do ALL illegal things?

Hey, abortion rights guy, did you know that it’s against the law to manufacture, sell and/or ingest illegal drugs? Did you know that it is against to law to drive a vehicle past the posted speed limits? DID YOU KNOW THAT IT IS AGAINST TO LAW TO MURDER????

There is not one law that has been made that has ever been completely followed without incident. People lie, people steal, people maim, people kill…every day. And while we’re on the subject of what is illegal, let me help you with something…meth is illegal and people find a way EVERY DAY to make it, find it, buy it and ingest/shoot up. There are dry counties in some states….people find a way EVERY DAY to make it, find it, buy it and drink it.

Making abortion illegal will save millions of lives. PERIOD.

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