Nancy Pitts, of Women Have Options Ohio, a statewide group that helps fund abortions said, “If women can’t control their own bodies, they can’t control their own lives.”

Well, aren’t we the bright spot! If these ‘women’ controlled their own bodies in the first place they would not have had sex, gotten pregnant and thus seek an abortion that they say they cannot afford. Women that have sex outside of marriage put themselves at risk of pregnancy – but in their minds, they have put people like ME AND YOU at risk of having to pay for their sex life. This is all about a fantasy puked up from the Socialist Liberal Left called ‘The War on Women’. It’s a pitiful concept that is trying to strong-arm you and the rest of the United States to pay for contraception and abortion.

Miss Pitts, when you fund, or ‘pay’ for abortions, you are in fact just as guilty as the abortionist that is murdering unborn children – you have stepped over to being a murderer yourself.


A commentor said: “Gee wiz.  A headline story about 250 disgruntled women at a rally on  Saturday morning, wanting to make sure that tax payers continue to support their causes .  Ten times that number attend my church each Sunday morning .   And they rally about Christian values, and they do not shout demands about wanting free handouts from government.   Why not make that a headline story in stead!”

And another: “WHY IS THIS NEWS? So a group standing something to gain politically gathers up 250 people to come to the statehouse on a given Saturday.  The group then sends out a press release to the newspaper, that their manufactured event is going to be taking place.  The newspaper sends a reporter and photographer to cover the story.  More “news” generated by press release. And you people wonder why people don’t trust the media?”

And this: “I was there…  it was the typical rhetoric being spread around by the libs to deceive young women into voting a certain way rather than let them educate themselves on the issues.”

My personal favorite: “Oh my stars, I do believe I saw what could have been bunch of these inflamed old dingbats riding around in a mini van with a bumper sticker that read ‘I am out of estrogen and I have a gun’.”

You don’t have to be a genius to see that people have been misdirected by a socialist liberal government and media. We see, we read, we watch, we LEARN? Yes, we learn what they want us to know about certain things particularly around election time when the heat is turned WAY UP to get attention. We are a sorry nation of pathetic and apathetic taxpayers.


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