8. “Pro-choice activists want to increase the number of abortions.”

He said False… “Pro-choice activists lead the charge in advocating comprehensive sex education, increased access to birth control, condom use, and emergency contraception, all of which reduce the incidence of abortion. Strangely, anti-abortion activists work equally hard to make these options more difficult to access–creating the impression that the anti-abortion movement is more concerned with sexual purity than abortion.”

MYTH BUSTED: The abortion rights guy is not using his self-taught analytical brain. Let me explain…

Would it not be common sense that IF a boy and girl, or man and woman, used contraceptives that it would not only insinuate a proclivity to sexual activity, but would BE the reason FOR sexual activity? Is it not true that there is NO contraceptive that is 100% fail safe?

Follow me now….so, IF people have sex while using contraceptives it would usually be assumed that those people do NOT want to become pregnant which is why they are using contraceptives in the first place? AHA! Then, IF there is not one contraceptive that is 100% effective then that means that it can fail. SO, if a contraceptive fails and a girl/woman becomes pregnant that did not intend to be pregnant, VIOLA…we have liftoff to the abortion clinic.

Now, while you may think that my illustration was tongue-in-cheek, I assure you it was not.

The first reason why there are so many unwanted pregnancies is because the contraceptives that were used either failed or was not used properly. The second reason is because people have sex that are not married and assume NO responsibility for their actions. The third reason is because the liberal media grooms young women and men to believe that they will always have a ‘choice’ in the matter which gives them the idea that they are untouchable, “Just get rid of it”.

America ‘gets rid of it’ 4000 times per day, every day….4000 women will make the decision to intentionally kill their unwanted baby, every day.

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