Abortion makes money…even the government is a customer.

The United Families International Blog

Melissa Anderson

Why is abortion protected and fought over so much in the United States?  Because it’s connected to women’s rights?  Of course not.  Because it’s a business.  Not only is abortion a business, abortion is a business that rakes in millions of dollars, privately and otherwise, every year.  Abortion is a federally protected, lobbying, growing business.

Remember Susan G. Komen? The national leader in breast cancer research took a heavy hit from pro-abortion groups for daring to funnel funding away from Planned Parenthood, a leading abortion provider, and straight to smaller organizations that actually fight breast cancer.  Susan G. Komen was hit hard because it threatened the business of abortion.  The non-profit took a beating for having the audacity to stick to its stated purpose of fighting breast cancer, not shuffling people to the door of Planned Parenthood.  Abortion is a business.

In a more drastic and disturbing case…

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