9. “Pro-choice activists want abortion on demand until the moment of birth.”

He said False. “Pro-choice activists work to protect the Roe v. Wade standard, which allows states to ban elective third-trimester abortions. The debate over late-term and partial-birth abortions has to do with abortions performed for emergency medical reasons, not elective abortions.”

Sigh. Let’s start with the abortion rights guy first statement regarding Roe.

MYTH BUSTED: Yes, myth busted. The truth is that there is not one pro-abort or pro-choicer that will cave for one minute on abortion rights even all the way up to full term. If you follow the legislative process at all you’d see just how unwavering they are. There is not one time that we’ve had a true bilateral approach to limiting the premeditated demise of unborn life. To the pro-aborts and pro-choicers, that would be ‘death’ to the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’; what leg would they have to stand on?

Pro-aborts flinch every time a state wants to ban late term abortions because every step toward saving ANY unborn child weakens Roe. I have never seen one bit of legislation against abortion that pro-aborts haven’t come out of the woodwork to fight to the death. Oh, and I love the way the abortion rights guy says ‘Roe v. Wade STANDARD’. Standard? 55+ million deaths STANDARD?

The next statement the abortion rights guy made was murky at best. The debate over late term and partial birth abortions was always about being elective because every abortion is elective. Either the baby isn’t perfect or the situation isn’t perfect. The ‘emergency medical reason’ is so lame…would not the impending abortion death of an unborn child be an emergency? I would say that the person whose life is hanging in the balance is the innocent unborn child who has no say in the matter.

Exactly how many pregnant women died from NOT having an abortion? I have not found one case…except that the leading cause of death of pregnant women is MURDER. So, in the case of aborting third term babies to save the mother….MYTH BUSTED.

Pro-aborts want abortion to be legal and accessible and free, paid for by YOU.

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