10. “Human life begins at conception.” He said False: “Human life actually begins prior to conception, because each sperm and egg cell is a living thing. It is more relevant to discuss when sentience, or self-awareness, begins. In 2000, the British House of Lords established a Commission of Inquiry into Fetal Sentience, which estimated that higher-level brain development begins to commence at about 23 weeks.”

MYTH BUSTED: The abortion rights guy saved the best one for last…denying that the LIFE of a human begins at conception is truly obtuse. But to answer his statement, yes there is life in sperm and egg separately just as there is in any living human cell in our bodies. If the abortion rights guy actually believed that, he wouldn’t be an abortion rights guy anymore, now would he?

The correct statement is this: A new and separate human life begins at conception. At the moment of conception, this new LIFE already has his/her own DNA and is determined to be male or female. This is no blob of cells and tissue; this is a human baby that resulted from sperm and egg meeting. The ONLY reason this is a question is to keep Roe v. Wade alive and well while killing off generations of preborn babies.

The rest of the abortion rights guy’s statement is just absurd. If only higher brain activity determined life then his would have been over by now. How exactly does one define higher brain activity? Is there a test….written or oral? Multiple choice or essay?

IN SUMMARY: Incredulous ambiguous statements are not reasons, only justifications of bad lower-level brain activity on the abortion rights guy’s part.

So there you have it, all 10 myths busted. The abortion rights guy is every pro-choice and pro-abort in the United States. And most of them probably would not abort if the situation arose (so they say), but they fight to make sure it’s legal, accessible and free. You have to wonder why anyone would want to have the power to take a life and make it so cheap. We have been desensitized to the point of dehumanizing ourselves and our preborn. When problems arise, you have the opportunity to not take responsibility. How can the human race survive this? Our economy has been stricken without 55+ million people to work, go to school, pay taxes, buy and sell, marry and have children. How much longer can this continue before it’s unrecoverable?

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