I have been profoundly demonized for the view KeepLifeLegal has on the Gay Agenda; I have also been profoundly affected by the Gay Agenda as a secular citizen and a Christian. Over 80% of people say they knew someone who is gay or lesbian – but does that mean we have to ‘evolve’ to accommodate them when they are less than 3% of the population? Now, some will say that gay rights are the same as civil rights which I completely disagree with; gays have always been able to vote, work, go to school, pay taxes, etc. What they cannot do is marry or procreate.

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…but that right is being bullied to conform to a way of life that is against God and basic Christian values that this country was founded upon.

Your President is about to let that happen. Out of complete persecution of Christians, the President will force everyone to adapt to the Gay & Liberal Agendas, even with force. This has been happening quietly in public schools and infiltrating into churches already. I assure you, it won’t be quiet much longer.

A Blogger wrote: “Same-Sex Marriage; I’m opposed to it – and for no other reason than sheer anger about the fact that two-percent of the population can dramatically alter society and culture by forcing everyone to accept and conform to their absurd lifestyle.” (Sibboleth Nation)

The Family Research Council wrote: “The redefinition of marriage profoundly affects society, faith, freedom, careers, classrooms, and children.”

KeepLifeLegal says: “Both the Blogger and FRC are correct, but let’s think this way – our society has taken God so far out of the equation that people listen to these gross ingenuities to the point of believing that our world is actually evolving. We are NOT evolving; we are a people who have let God go.”

Let me explain my two particular scenarios.

Scenario 1: A man related to my family that has ‘come out’ was very heterosexual growing up and while in the Navy serving our great country. He was married and had children who have made him a grandfather since. A couple of years ago, I get a phone call saying that he is focusing on that bit of pseudo society that appeals to unhappy men. Since then, he has been taking hormones and is considered (his words) a ‘tranny’. He is a 44-year-old man dancing in drag shows in gay clubs saying he’s always been a girl, changed his name to a woman’s name, wears tons of make-up and lies about his age. He wants ‘acceptance’.

Scenario 2: A pretty girl decides she likes girls better than boys. She eventually finds a ‘partner’ and they own homes and businesses together. They decide they want a ‘family’ and her partner finds a sperm donor that helps them have two directly related children. They utilized IVF/artificial insemination to act as God to create life because they cannot. They own a minivan.

Seems so…American dream-like?

The obvious is not what we should be concerned about; it’s the quiet ones that emulate what real marriage is meant to be, which is between one man and one woman. They want to be looked upon as tax paying citizens with better than average paying jobs who live quietly as a family in suburbia America. It’s this new American ‘family’ that is going to upend the law as we know it.

How many times have you heard “they aren’t hurting anybody”? Your rights and Christian values are going to be shoved aside to placate people who seek to make you accept them; much as persecutors say to a person they are about to martyr.

Americans want to be compassionate about other’s needs but fail to see what the result can be. As Americans embrace the Gay Agenda and other immoralities, we will have this vast 2% of Americans dictating what we will teach our children in school and in society.

I don’t know if this freight train can be stopped, only God knows. But assuming we have ‘evolved’ into this pseudo society is an outright lie. It’s time to take our country BACK.

The Problem with Same Sex Marriage

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