If you are prolife AT ALL and keep an eye on abortion related issues, you’ll see a parting of the waters between the true Prolife Republicans and Republicans in name only. RINO’s get elected because they say they’ll vote for the conservative issues they campaigned for but always have excuses why they cannot.

The Ohio Senate is NOT PROLIFE or the Heartbeat Bill would have been voted for by now.

Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill has been stalled in the Senate after a tirade by Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus:

“In a strongly worded letter to “fellow pro-life Ohioan(s),” Niehaus said the bill was flawed and slammed supporters for questioning the commitment of majority Republicans in the Senate to ending abortion…..“Unfortunately, leaders of an organization called Faith2Action have made exaggerated and inflammatory statements…their claim that we ‘lose more than a school bus full of children every day’ due to a lack of Senate action on the bill is simply false, and I will not continue to allow this organization to question the commitment of my colleagues to ending the scourge of abortion.”

The statements in question were never exaggerated. They were based on fact and statistics that were available at the time. Senator Niehaus’s republican reputation is in question and has definitely shown that he and the Senate he presides over is NOT PROLIFE. Consider this:

“Ohio has been hard hit by breast cancer. Unfortunately, low-income and minority women have been hit the hardest,” said Miguel Perez, president of the Columbus Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “We are energized by the progress Ohio is making with leadership from Senator Niehaus and Representative Beatty. Now we must continue, together, to strengthen our efforts to close the gaps in research, policy and access to quality care that make breast cancer deadlier for some women.” [Side note: this exact statement was….well, exact for every state as I searched the web regarding this issue. Komen is not trying at all to be who they say they are; they are simply placating whoever will give.]


Komen presented awards to Senator Niehaus and Representative Beatty for their leadership in passing a $5 million appropriation for Ohio Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Project.” [How much of the 5 mil is going to Planned Parenthood…]

Komen has been a contributor to Planned Parenthood which means that Senator Niehaus has purposely appropriated funds for Planned Parenthood via Komen. I’d hardly call this ‘prolife’.

Senator President Tom Niehaus is NOT PROLIFE. Senator Niehaus stands between life and death for 26,000 unborn Ohioans every year that the Heartbeat Bill and Personhood Bill is not passed.

Note: Komen is not the only organization that is breast cancer related:

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

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