I was 12 years old when Roe v. Wade became law. I was not aware that there was a fight for unborn life – a fight to abort babies legally. Interestingly, I was made quite aware of the Watergate hearings. Either my father made sure I was protected from such knowledge of what abortion is or wanted me to be more aware of my political surroundings. Little did Dad know that they go hand-in-hand in my life. Reverend J. Vernon McGee said, in part, that a Christian should always have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. I couldn’t agree more.

At the time just after Roe in the ‘70’s, it was open season for illicit sex and open relationships because there was an ‘out’. Encountering an unwanted pregnancy was more normal than not and was easy to conceal and destroy; encouraging abortion was ‘in’ – aborting was becoming a social event with lunch and drinks served after. Millions of unborn babies were dying and we were too drunk and too perverse to care. You’ve come a long way, baby.

“Many in the Roe v. Wade generation lost siblings to abortion; some actually survived abortions; and, of course, some of us have opted for abortion ourselves. Doubtless, we have all been affected by a lifetime of legal abortion.” Read the rest here.

Fast-forward 30 years after Roe to a generation that has no idea what the term ‘prolife’ really means. To them it’s allegory – a term that Planned Parenthood uses to keep Post-Roe Gens from the truth of abortion death. It’s so surreal to me that so much of the population today has always known abortion to be a legal, accepted procedure. It isn’t all that unusual that the Post-Roe generation doesn’t understand why prolifers do what they do to save unborn children. It is their mindset that abortion may be legal but not an option they would CHOOSE, so what’s the problem? To them it’s a lot like smoking cigarettes; smoking is legal but can kill you…so don’t CHOOSE to smoke if you want to live without lung cancer. Trying to help the Post-Roe generation to understand that the CHOICE of abortion kills a human and should be illegal and unfathomable is the hard part.

Deciding the fate of the unborn is resting more in the hands of the Post-Roe Gens than not. Reaching these young women and men is vital to get Roe off the books. Yes, there are fewer abortions now, but there shouldn’t be any at all. Should life be preserved only to YOUR criteria?

How do we reach this generation of Post-Roe? With truth; to a fault, never wavering: Abortion is the premeditated execution of an unborn child.

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