Things to do this summer…

Summer is here and time is short. I am very occupied with my youngest son spending his entire summer with me which means that I have to prioritize my time better. My teenage son is of the mind that I am his sole entertainment…but that’s just fine with me. I just have to be better at multitasking, I suppose. But in the meantime, I have to oust a virus on this computer. Sheesh, what else…

Here is some subject matter that I am currently pondering – not necessarily in this order. If you have a comment, let me know!

  1. Atheist blogger converts to Catholicism, was looking for the root of morality
  2. Converts assume that all Catholics are prolife & all prolifers are Catholic
  3. Conversions to Christianity rarely makes news, why?
  4. Prolife news sites are rewriting prolife news almost verbatim, most don’t cite source
  5. Who do you trust with your prolife monetary offering?
  6. The great debate between prolife ‘action figures’, only when the camera is on?
  7. Are Catholics or Christians more ‘prolife’ in doctrine
  8. Bible doctrine vs. Religion
  9. Being prolife in an election year
  10. The complete ‘Message of LIFE’ with biblical doctrine resources and method


2 thoughts on “My Summer to-do list

  1. #10 is something I’ve been working on for a while; probably the most important.

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