Do you really think that EVERY Democrat is enamored with Obama? Of course not. But they will vote for him this November because they are party driven and agenda driven.

What is interesting to me is the absolute ignorance of people comes out when major political decisions are made, whether good and bad. Don’t get me wrong – I can be the chief offender – but before I put my offended self out there for everyone else to persecute, I try to reel it in and be a grown-up about it.

Let me explain. When Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination, many Conservatives said that they were so insulted by this that they just won’t vote in November. Or even worse, Conservative and Tea Party contenders are publically voicing their disdain for Romney. This is dangerous ground to tread. You cannot ‘divide and conquer’ and expect a better outcome this November.

Even ardent public prolifers have said out loud that they will not vote at all because of Romney’s stance on prolife issues. NOT voting only makes you look like some kind of martyr instead of a responsible American that exercises their civil right to vote. The right to vote is an individual right that is taken advantage of by groups like ACORN while Conservatives stay home pouting and complaining.

Just because Romney isn’t prolife enough for you doesn’t mean you should pick up your toys and go home…it means to regroup, rethink and unite with other Conservatives, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, etc. to bring the Constitution back to the White House where it belongs. The Affordable Care Act is just the tip of the iceberg of what Obama’s agenda is: Socialism.

Suck it up, my fellow Conservatives: It’s time to circle the wagons and get Barack HUSSEIN Obama out of the White House.

2 thoughts on “Toppling the other Hussein.

  1. Very true. Unfortunately the apathy of the average citizen of this country is appalling. Our voter turnout is abysmal at best and I dare say that many in this formerly great nation are gladly selling their birthright, as did Esau, for a little pottage. Freedom is traded for slavery for the price of a meager handout. In Hebrews 12 we see the advice for bearing with the chastisement which I am afraid we deserve. A return to God and upright living done with a sense of confidence in God may well be what we will ultimately succeed in freeing ourselves from this tyranny.Ultimately we get what we deserve. We need to get back to some basic morality and ethics or suffer the consequences. I hope it can be derailed but the people will ultimately have to make the decision to repent and work for the good or they will suffer the consequences of the actions or worse yet their inactions.

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