When I look at analytics for this site, it also shows me the subject matter that was searched for to land on KeepLifeLegal. I’ve seen some pretty good ones but this one was for the books.

“Inhumane Abortion”.

Think about that for a minute…inhumane abortion. Now, I can look at this scenario at least two ways…

First, that the abortion procedure that the mom selected was more inhumane than another abortion procedure. I cannot fathom how the ultimate death of the unborn child can be any more horrific than ANY abortion procedure, but I suppose that there are moms out there that are considering abortion and are seeing how ugly it really is. Maybe she’s too far along to abort what pro-aborts consider a ‘clump of cells’. Or perhaps she’s just a few weeks along and is taking her time to ‘shop around’ (yes, moms shop abortion procedures and ‘clinics’). Is shopping for just the right firearm to kill someone be any different? After all, abortion is a PLANNED HOMICIDE of a HUMAN BEING, although not yet born.

I just received an email from my 40 Days for Life team that spoke of a woman that was in line at Speedway to buy a money order for her abortion (FYI, Speedway is on the opposite street corner and apparently they get a lot of money order business for the abortion ‘clinic’). The man that was behind her at Speedway heard the conversation and went to the ‘clinic’ to pray for her and other moms. A money order…I have to wonder if she kept the stub. Can you even imagine going through a drawer years from now and finding that stub?

Second, that abortion in itself is inhumane. And of course it is. Unborn children think they are safe within the womb of their mother, but in this country while an oppressor like Obama is in office, no unborn child is safe. The only persons that can possibly think that abortion is ever right in any situation is an oppressor and a murderer.

We in America have been desensitized to the point of killing off our future generations to fulfill a socialistic fantasy that a progressive liberal agenda will somehow save the world from itself. Be aware: socialistic dumb sheep are led to the slaughter every day and this is no different. Abortion has been benchmarked by this horrendous agenda to not just kill unborn babies, but to kill God.

Abortion is inhumane regardless if it is legal or not. After all, isn’t there a disclaimer on the side every pack of cigarettes that says cigarettes can kill you?…but you won’t find that on the side of the abortion ‘clinic’…

2 thoughts on “The Subject Line

  1. I’d vote for a law that made abortion clinics put a disclaimer on their buildings: good analogy. How about this for an addition to their signs? “An abortion will cause certain death to a child.”

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