The gay community is boycotting Chick-fil-A because they won’t bow down to their agenda? Let me help you understand something – this works both ways. Below you will find a partial list (seriously, this is PARTIAL) of companies and corporations that are not just gay friendly but they pursue the gay dollar by donating and participating in gay activities.

Is boycotting the answer? That is up to you. But I will tell you that I do my level best to NOT to buy products or services from companies that have turned away from traditional natural family values. We do not ‘hate gays’ – we don’t tolerate intolerance from the intolerant. As Christians we love our neighbor – but not their sin.

This list is taken from 4 websites that has this information readily available:

  1.  ATT
  2. Bellsouth
  3. Motorola
  4. Sprint
  5. Best Buy
  6. Clorox
  7. Estee Lauder
  8. SC Johnson
  9. Borders
  10. Costco
  11. GameStop
  12. Newell Rubbermaid
  13. Rite Aid
  14. Starbucks
  15. Target
  16. Walgreens
  17. Sears
  18. Whirlpool (Dropped In 2008)
  19. New York Times
  20. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  21. Eli Lilly
  22. Glaxosmithkline
  23. Johnson & Johnson
  24. Merck & Co
  25. Pfizer
  26. BP America
  27. Chevron
  28. Waste Management
  29. United Parcel Service
  30. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  31. Travelport Inc
  32. Cummins Inc
  33. Home Depot
  34. Owens Corning
  35. Metlife
  36. Nationwide
  37. Allstate
  38. Esurance
  39. Global Hyatt
  40. Harrah’s
  41. Hilton
  42. Marriott
  43. Wyndham
  44. Eastman Kodak
  45. Intel
  46. Aetna
  47. Bausch & Lomb
  48. Cigna
  49. Anheuser-Busch
  50. Applebee’s
  51. Cargill
  52. Coca-Cola
  53. Coors Brewing Co
  54. General Mills
  55. Gerber
  56. Kraft Foods
  57. Mcdonald’s
  58. Olive Garden
  59. Pepsico
  60. Red Lobster
  61. Amazon
  62. Clear Channel Communications
  63. Google Inc.
  64. Viacom
  65. Walk Disney Co.
  66. Time Warner Inc
  67. Yahoo
  68. Apple
  69. Adobe Systems
  70. IBM
  71. Intuit
  72. Microsoft
  73. Oracle Corp
  74. Dow Chemical
  75. Dupont
  76. America Express
  77. Ameriprise Financial
  78. Bank Of America
  79. Capital One Financial
  80. Charles Schwab
  81. Citigroup
  82. Deutsche Bank
  83. Fannie Mae
  84. Goldman Sachs
  85. Jp Morgan Chase
  86. Lehman Brothers
  87. Merrill Lynch
  88. Morgan Stanley
  89. Suntrust
  90. Visa
  91. Wachovia
  92. Wells Fargo
  93. Bear Stearns
  94. Countrywide Financial
  95. Hsbc
  96. Keycorp
  97. Mastercard
  98. Us Bancorp
  99. Washington Mutual
  100. Chrysler Llc
  101. Ford Motor
  102. General Motors
  103. Volkswagen
  104. Subaru
  105. Toyota
  106. Abercrombie & Fitch
  107. Gap
  108. Levi Strauss
  109. Liz Claiborne
  110. Nike
  111. Nordstrom
  112. Jc Penney
  113. Macy’s
  114. American Airlines
  115. Delta Airlines
  116. Us Airways
  117. Boeing
  118. Honeywell International
  119. Northrop Grumman
  120. Raytheon
  121. Starcom Mediavest

10 thoughts on “Boycotting goes BOTH ways

  1. You’ve got to pick your battles in this world. For my part, I don’t subscribe to boycott lists. There are some companies that I will not support — I won’t mention them here. It is not a matter of whether or not one chooses to be an extremist, but where to focus your energies and attention. There’s a war going on out there (IMHO); Fight the battles that will determine the outcome of the war. Those battles are battles for people’s hearts, minds, and souls. Not necessarily labels, I dont think. But I do like the signs of support for CFA. I think it’s a very, very healthy sign.

  2. You are right – but I suppose the point I was trying to make is this: We the People are paying to further the Gay Agenda and the Abortion Agenda thru either tax dollars or how companies contribute. I want everyone aware of the money trail.

  3. You are right – but I suppose the point I was trying to make is this: We the People are paying to further the Gay Agenda and the Abortion Agenda thru either tax dollars or how companies contribute. I want everyone aware of the money trail.

  4. I am totally on board with that! And to make people aware, we have to get the information out, even if some people take it the wrong way. Keep speaking the truth!

  5. the effectiveness of any boycott is determined by the number of participants……you should make a youtube video showing the list…….the more people that are aware means more participants, which of course means more effectiveness… an ideal world (not corrupted by sin) these companies would at least be neutral in the ‘culture war’…..heaven knows there are enough americans who acquiesce to traditional values to generate adequate revenue for their businesses, so we see Rom.1:18-32 in our present reality…….boycott or not, please all continue to pray for our nation!!!

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