I should know better than to look at pro-abortion blogs and site – a righteous anger wells up in me when I see yet another martyred unborn baby because the mom was too busy chasing a dream or saving themselves. There is story after story of excuses of why a child had to die from abortion:

“I was living in [somewhere in America] at the time…..got married…..had a child with a disability…..got divorced…..if abortion had been legal….”

“I was an ignored wife…..had an affair with a cop…..got pregnant…..husband couldn’t handle having another man’s baby….”

“I was in graduate school…..living off ramen…..one stupid night partying…..can’t take care of a baby and finish school…..”

Pro-aborts focus on the core of the abortion debate that believes that having an abortion is just a matter of choice and that taking the life of an unborn baby is a way to control unwanted children. It’s bad enough that a lot of women rely on abortion for birth control, but what about HOW they got to the point of having to make that choice?

Face it, abortion is here because women have sex when they were not supposed to; before marriage and outside of marriage…abortion was once for the wealthy but now it’s free. How exactly does free abortion supposed to make abortion safe and RARE?

Step up, ladies…it was never the intent to make abortion rare or safe…only very accessible so that the government doesn’t have to pay for diapers.

Now I know that doesn’t matter to you, only your own life matters…never mind that your baby had to die for it. Was it because you were in school scratching to get a degree or was it because a baby would cause a bump in the road of your illustrious career as a bartender (yep, I know someone that did exactly that)?

Pro-aborts, post-abortive and pre-abortive women – let me help you understand something: you killed or will kill your unborn baby for no better reason other than it was easy and cheap….besides the fact that the Liberal Agenda is using you to further their cause toward socialism.

About 1 in 4 pregnancies will be aborted in the United States today; half of those are women that have had at least one previous abortion. I know, I know….you’re too smart for that. But now you can tell your story of how you rose above it all and martyred your baby for a ‘better life’ for both of you…never mind that one of you is dead.

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