Reproductive rights….really. A ‘right’ to reproduce or not? If you have sex, there’s a real good chance that you may reproduce…because that’s what causes PREGNANCY.

It is MY RIGHT to tell you that you are being LIED TO. The government wants to control you and your body with FREE healthcare, FREE contraception, FREE abortion and a FREE ride to vote. If it were not true, the government would be TEACHING you rather than giving this crap away FREE without explanation (psssst….the answer is socialism).

Here’s some other stupidity seen and heard about the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’:

Contraception solves hunger? Can a hungry person EAT contraception? NO, but keeping someone from being born solves the hunger he/she will never have which is the government’s plan.

Watch this – ‘Eat the Birth control!’

You say the government is not allowed in your bedroom but you want it funded? Isn’t that….PIMPING? Interesting, eh? It would behoove those that think they have a right to contraception and abortion to understand what the result can be with having sex either before or outside of marriage.

How is abortion safe and rare? Abortion always kills the unborn child…’NOT SAFE’!! And since at least 1.5 million unborn babies will die from abortion this year, I’d hardly call that RARE.

And how, EXACTLY, has your access to adequate health care been compromised? No, tell me EXACTLY how. I really want to know! Do you mean you don’t have a ride to get there or are you just stirring the Liberal Agenda pot to socialize your WAR ON CONSERVATISM? I keep hearing about this malady called the ‘war on women’, so please be very explicit and precise in your answer so that us real-life taxpaying Americans can understand how you’ve been duped this bad.

Planned Parenthood says that ‘birth control is basic preventive health care for women’. Yes, birth control does prevent the health and life of an unwanted child but how does that help the health of a woman? Birth control pills can cause heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, headaches, dizziness, mood swings…sounds like health care, alright.

Ignorance is no excuse…find out the real answers to the questions instead of being led around on the government leash.

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