Ah, the Holy Moly Left pukes up whatever junk it can about Paul Ryan. I suppose that being squeaky clean is just not…smarmy enough for them.

Like I’m surprised…but let me give you Liberal-hugging nausea ad litems a thought: More often than not, women accept the role of Liberal because they are conditioned and groomed to, all because of the abortion issue. Abortion seems to bring out the worst in everyone instead of ‘getting’ that every day at least 4000 lives hang in the balance because of an superimposed right to do something a man cannot do…kill an unborn child.

Statistics say that nearly 1/3 of women are post abortive. Typically at least 65%+ of them are coerced because of friends, boyfriends, husbands, parents, etc. That being said, after such an act of so-called martyrdom to right a flaying ship of bad choices, women think that having this right to abort to be a convenience that they wish to hold onto if they regretfully find themselves in the same OMG moment of being pregnant again. You know, the right to abort, just in case. And then they drag their daughters into the same sick mindset, another generation of Liberal-hugging nausea ad litems.

Anyway, let me get back to my Liberal-hugging nausea ad litem thought. Consider this: A post-abortive woman voting for Obama is voting for the murderer of her unborn child. Obama has been clear that he is in bed with Planned Parenthood because of abortion, not because PP is a ‘health center’.

Voting for Obama violates the post abortive woman and murdered child which is no different than a person that was raped as a child to vote in a pedophile.

You wouldn’t vote for a pedophile? But you voted in a murderer of MILLIONS since 2008.


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