Dirty pool…looks like Obama will do anything for the Catholic vote, which explains the Joe Biden debacle. It’s just like the Liberals to scrape up any bit of semi-conscious fringe group to make them look…..moderate, at least enough to scoop up the curious and limp of mind.

While Obama is the business end of a horse, he is smart enough to know he needs the Catholic vote….again. More than half of Catholics that voted in 2008 voted for Obama. What does that say about the state of the Church when rogue nuns give speeches in favor of healthcare reform that includes abortion and contraceptives at the Democratic National Convention?

“Democratic leaders announced the plans for a speech by Sister Campbell on August 28, the same day that saw the announcement that Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York will deliver the convention’s closing prayer. While Cardinal Dolan has stressed that he will only offer a prayer – acting as a pastor rather than a partisan – Sister Campbell will deliver a political address.” (catholicculture.org)

Campbell, a self-proclaimed progressive Catholic and executive director of Network [a liberal Catholic lobbying group in Washington] and the Network lobby are OUTLOUD with their support of liberal social programs, including Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. These rogue nuns are very aware that the Affordable Healthcare Act supports abortion on demand and contraceptives which forces all businesses to comply regardless of their religious affiliation and convictions, a clear violation of their Constitutional right of Freedom OF Religion.

Chief rogue nun Campbell exposed the fact that she is uncomfortable describing herself as prolife, probably because she is not prolife at all. The moral law of the Catechism clearly says that abortion is gravely contrary to moral law AND formal cooperation in an abortion also constitutes a grave offense.

And interestingly, she did not sway Paul Ryan to her way of thinking, although she tried in a recent meeting. It takes a lot of guts to proselyte the VP-in-waiting about the most basic of church teachings. SHAME ON YOU! How do you reconcile murdering children in the womb while calling yourself Catholic and saying you’re doing the work of Jesus?

Campbell – get a clue or get a new habit.

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