Your vote counts – so the Prolife voter is caught between a rock and a hard place because the RNC candidate is not prolife enough for ya? Not so fast…

My husband and I have been pretty beaten up by Prolifers that have judged us to not be as Prolife as them in regard to the election in November. That was their first mistake, judging how Prolife we are. Their second mistake is to assume we are too stupid to know the difference between Prolifers and heretics. These Lofty Prolifers gave me a black eye for testifying for the Heartbeat Bill saying the bill won’t protect every unborn child, which is partially true; about 95% of unborn children would be saved from abortion. Go here to read up on Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill.

Even though I think that incremental law is a chicken way of toppling Roe, it is necessary to take these tiny steps to get to the doors of the Supreme Court. Personhood law in itself is not perfect because there were also deviations regarding contraception and IVF, which is part of the reason why it failed. The failure is on the part of the voter being too narrow focused on themselves instead of being broad-thinking enough to see that it would have saved lives. Voters won’t set aside their own agenda and ego enough to see the greater good. Now, that being said….

  1. We are quite aware that the RNC candidate is not secured in being completely Prolife.
  2. We are quite aware that the RNC candidate is a Mormon.
  3. We are quite aware that Catholics, Christians and Prolifers are causing division within the party because of their hardened heart and bloated ego.

In fact, one particular Lofty Prolifer not only accused us of not being prolife but had the unmitigated nerve to say that we are not Christians because of it. Now, just to let you know, we are not the only ones that this person has attacked. This Prolife attacker is not the only one; there are many, which is why I am addressing this issue. A lot of Prolifers are being criticized and shunned for choosing the RNC candidate. Anyway, let me answer this person’s issues:

  • We are not electing a Pastor or Priest. Voting Americans had this same issue when JFK was up for election saying he would take direction from the Vatican. And we all know just how ‘holy’ JFK was.
  • RNC candidate not Prolife enough? I agree. Neither was McCain in ’08; in fact he was entirely too wishy-washy moderate and proved that cannot get him elected.
  • This election is not about proving yourself more Prolife than other Prolifers by NOT voting for the RNC candidate as principle; it is about a faulty economy, forced healthcare and our national security (for starters) as well. Truly, people can’t be that inept…I thought. Any vote that goes to anyone else BUT the RNC candidate goes right into the hand of Obama.
  • NEVER judge a person’s salvation to prove your point: ‘Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.’ Matthew 7:1-2.

Anyway, all this being said, we have been given a hand that is not perfect….it’s not terrible, just not perfect. Remember this one fact when considering a candidate:

Barack Hussein Obama allowed about 6 million unborn children to die at the hands of abortionists while in office. Now, that does not count how many other MILLIONS are dead worldwide because Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy. Because of his mandates and being in bed with Planned Parenthood, if elected again, you can add at least another 6+ million dead in the United States alone.

Your vote counts and may help save the lives of millions or murder them. Math does not lie.


5 thoughts on “A Note to the Lofty Prolife Voter

  1. Not pro-life enought… What!!! G I V E M E A B R E A K ! ! !

    You guys just keep on doing what you are doing, and doing it well, by the way. Count on my prayers and may God continue to bless you!

  2. I’m so sorry that you and Joe are being attacked. I completely agree with you. Thanks for testifying for the Heartbeat Bill. I want to give you a big internet hug. Abortion leaves one dead and one wounded. Bless you.

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