Persecution of the United States Constitution is a sign we are reverting back to the Jolly Ole England of the 1600’s. Understanding our Constitution should bring persecution into focus and why it is critical that we need to defend what our Framers intended: FREEDOM.

Strangling Freedom of Speech and Religion is a….

You don’t have to go far to see it – our First Amendment Rights are continually being questioned and denied, all a matter of ‘interpretation’ for deniability of freedoms….you know, for our own good. People like Ruth Bader Ginsberg suggest that the Framers were essentially moronic and had no idea what they were doing because they couldn’t foresee what the U.S. would become. Ironically, it is people like Ginsberg that changed America until it was unrecognizable to what our America was intended to be: FREE and bountiful.

Our Right to Free Speech has been squelched since the ink was dry on the Constitution. It’s really about the person that feels they have been offended rather than what is our legal right to do: Express ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of people who just need to shut up but that is not what this whole debate is about…my opinion of who should have an opinion, but rather keeping the debate debatable.

But then we have the ‘offended’ party. You know…the cyber blog bully that thinks they should let everyone know how wrong everyone else is. Or even better, trying to crush bloggers and writers for personal financial gain, even if it is illegal.


Conservative Christian bloggers and speakers should take no prisoners, especially this one. I take what I do and say very seriously and continue to utilize my First Amendment Rights of FREE SPEECH and Freedom OF Religion to its pinnacle. Many men and women died for these freedoms and no one should ever let any one person bully another with threats to keep them from speaking and writing the truth. It’s a pathetic ploy and incredibly childish.

I know THAT I know being a Christian Prolife advocate draws out the liberal fanatics; being lambasted is the least of my worries, I assure you. But your right to hate me does not supersede my right to not hate you. We have silently prayed at the local abortion mill while others drive by screaming out vehement filthy hate remarks at us – who’s the hater? Nice try.

Haters don’t spook us; we don’t lie awake at night scared to death of them or get sick over it. Quite the contrary….the Bible says, “Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.” (Luke 6:28, KJV)


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