This is the final rally before the election. This election is the single most important election of not just OUR lifetime but since the birth of this nation. Your Constitutional Rights are ignored and irrelevant, your traditional family values are being stricken as we speak. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to vote this election. We are systematically losing our fought for freedoms to what the LEFT calls an ‘even playing field’ or socialism.

While this rally is about the HHS Mandate, we have to remember what Obama has done to enact this perversion: He has superseded the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and told states that they cannot opt. In fact, the only opt-out is if they are a church AND a non-profit. All that means is Obama made sure that Mr. Catholic John Q. Public Business Owner cannot opt out if he is a practicing Catholic/Protestant/Evangelical.


WAKE UP: Obama is using contraception and abortion as an ENTITLEMENT to get women to vote for a man that uses free contraception and abortion as BAIT.

The intrusion of our fundamental rights, the intrusion into our homes and families from the government will only get much, much worse if Obama wins a second term. This mandate is only the beginning to what is an eventual fall of our great country. Instead of fighting on the battlefield in hand to hand combat like our forefathers, we are instead shadow boxing an agenda that is gaining ground in the battlefield that was once the sanctity our home and church.

The next president will appoint not only one or more Supreme Court Justices but will be able to markedly shift the judicial landscape nationwide. That number can be as high as five Justices. If we elect a Republican, we can keep our Freedoms and wipe out abortion. If Obama is re-elected, he could have the most significant influence on the tone of the Supreme Court in more than 50 years. I’d call that stacking the deck to enable an evil agenda against our most sacred values:

Your Right to VOTE, the Right to Life, Right to Religion, your Right to bear arms and your Right to Free Speech.

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3 thoughts on “Stand UP for Religious Freedom Rally, October 20

  1. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the election of a Republican will add Supreme Court justices who are pro-life and/or who will overturn Roe v. Wade any time soon. Don’t forget that Chief Justice John Roberts responded when he was nominated and approved for the Supreme Court that he considers abortion “settled law”. In other words, he would not vote to overturn it as a legal option for women. He, like so many other Roman Catholics, is selectively ignoring his church’s teaching and denominational mandate on this matter. When Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor, I’m sure he and most all other conservatives expected that she would vote conservatively and pro-life, yet she turned out to be a “swing vote” regarding conservative issues on the court multiple times. The main problem with Roberts’ assumption that abortion is “settled law” is that it is not law at all. It is merely an ill-considered Supreme Court ruling that abortion is a woman’s right to choose. If the prenatal personhood law can be enacted, a baby’s right to life would trump a woman’s so-called right to abortion hands down. America’s “cup of iniquity” is so full at this point from 50 million abortions, homosexual normalization, injustice in our courts, crime on the streets and a slumbering, silent church that I fear it is too late to escape God’s impending judgment (compare Hebrews 10:26-29 as an indictment on the church’s role in these matters).

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