I feel like I should be reciting the Serenity Prayer right about now….BUT…Where were we weak?

To be fair I have to say that the people of O*** are bipolar in their voting strategies. Here’s why: O*** citizens (or at least residents) overwhelmingly voted FOR Republican State Senators AND Republican State Representatives but voted FOR the most Liberal presidential candidate in American history? NOW do you see why I hang my head in shame? Apparently the people of O*** have issues with commitment and brain skills since it seemed the 47% are the only ones that showed up.

Of course abortion was used as an ‘economic issue’ by Planned Parenthood to appease socialistic views of the Liberal Left. Yes, but abortion is used to kill unborn children. Which is correct?

“Also on your skirts is found the blood of the lives of the poor innocents. I have not found it by secret search, but plainly on all these things.” (Jer 2:34)

Ah…interesting bit of Scripture. God Himself is saying that He sees this because it is NOT hidden or even camouflaged. Innocent’s blood by the MILLIONS is evident to a Holy God while the godless continue to thumb their noses at Him. How do we not see this today? A blasphemous people ridicule the blood of these innocents and the God that wants His people to return to Him and repent. You can’t have God on a part-time basis. If a voter hates abortion, why did they vote for Obama?

SOCIAL JUSTICE? Deprived of real social justice…unborn children lose again and again…how does this keep happening? Well, middle class Catholic, Protestant and Christian women were TARGETED and USED to further ‘abortion rights’ and DEproductive rights of this election AGAIN. Planned Parenthood spent millions to keep Personhood at bay and MULTI millions for Obama targeting women that will probably never use their ‘services’. Reason: Middle class women vote AND the Church DID NOT SHOW UP.

Conservatives lost this battle, now it’s time to look at the films to see where we dropped the ball and get ready for the next game.

It ain’t over til it’s over.

4 thoughts on “Hi, my name is *** and I live in O***.

  1. My name is Kathryn and I also live in Ohio. This is the first election that brought me to tears. I am sick about it. I have to keep praying and remember who is really in charge.

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