‘Reproductive justice’ and ‘reproductive choice’ are phrases coined by pro-aborts and pro-choicers, not pro-lifers or anti-abortion sects. What is ironic and somewhat amusing is they apparently don’t know what the word ‘reproductive’ means. Firstly, the word ‘reproductive’ is an adjective; let me show you some examples:

  • American Heritage Medical Dictionary: ‘of or relating to reproduction. Tending to reproduce.’
  • World English Dictionary: ‘of, relating to, characteristic of, or taking part in reproduction.’
  • Cambridge American English Dictionary: ‘relating to the production of new life.’

Rather, pro-aborts and pro-choicers need to begin using the terms ‘deproductive justice’ and ‘deproductive choice’. Deproductive would lead a woman to better understand that this is a place (an abortion/family planning facility) that seeks to take the life of her unborn child, not nurture him/her until complete maturation and eventual live birth.

….Which leads me to the other term used by pro-aborts and pro-choicers that is completely incorrect: ‘family planning’.

The terms ‘family planning’ and ‘planned parenthood’ would tend to let one believe that the facility they are about to walk into is going to help them plan a family, not take it away through abortion and toxic contraception, one unborn child at a time.

The moral of the story is this: pro-choicers and pro-aborts are liars; they want your money and your allegiance to a socialistic movement called CHOICE…as if there really is one. Pro-choicers and pro-aborts are under the impression that abortion is an empowerment to women. How is death by dismemberment to your unborn child an empowerment? I guess you need to ask the pro-choicers and pro-aborts that are ceaselessly chasing their tails.


2 thoughts on “Pro-abort and Pro-choice Terms and Phrases at a Glance

  1. Very true and nice article.

    They also refer to the unborn human as a “fetus.” I tend to ask them if the “gravita” is important to them. When they ask what it is, I ask them why they don’t use all medical terms.

    In reality, the use of the term “fetus” is to make the connection to humanity less visible. It’s selective use of medical jargon. We have to call them on it.

    Whoever controls the language controls the debate.

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