During the 2012 elections, Republicans questioned why abortion was not prevalent and Democrats wondered why it was so prevalent. Seem a bit bipolar? You’re right, it is – and trying to sort this out for moderates to understand was exhausting. There is this seemingly thin line that some career politicians stand on to appeal to prospective voters, but core issues like abortion have been blurred to get there. It’s as if they become somewhat androgynous so that no one is offended.

The most popular candidates this past election (that we know of) that actually took a stand was Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana. Their principled prolife views were not accepted by and large, leaving moderates wondering if they were ever prolife OR liberals thinking they’ve outed them in the public square. As mixed up as that sounds, it is evident that more often than not we will never be blessed with a total prolife candidate without the rape/incest exception. How do we take our lumps after the elections? One at a time. Here is one such lump: Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus.

Recently, Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus had the nerve to say ‘We have been the most pro-life legislature in my memory’ not only struck down a vote on the Heartbeat Bill AGAIN, but effectively discounted its potential to go before the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v. Wade. Niehaus said he was ‘threatened’ and ‘bullied’ to get a vote on the bill….how does a so-called prolife Senate President NOT vote on the most lifesaving piece of legislation in his career? However, I am happy to see that the Senate President Pro Tempore Keith Faber is a strong supporter of the Heartbeat Bill. Will it get the vote it deserves next year? I pray so.

Both Niehaus and Senator Peggy Lehner said that the Heartbeat Bill could have the ‘potential to undermine all of the good work the right-to-life community has done’ – I’m not understanding why that should be a factor since this bill could (could, not would) nullify other passed legislation since this one will set the precedent of NO ABORTIONS when the heartbeat is detected. “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business,” Michael Corleone would say….sounding strikingly familiar from Mr. Niehaus to the Heartbeat Bill’s supporters. It’s always personal…always.

It is also documented that Mr. Niehaus accepted the Komen Columbus Public Service Award even though Komen supports Planned Parenthood….I would not call that ‘prolife’ and in fact would call that working both sides of the political fence. Do the math – other recipients of Komen’s award was Rep. Joyce Beatty (D) and Former Governor Ted Strickland (D) who campaigned with and for Obama.

Are there fundamental Prolifers in politics today? I believe that there is on the State level. Have we completely understood that the only way we can eradicate abortion is getting through ‘the system’? Can politicians fundamentally support prolife and still vote for the ‘common good’ loophole of rape/incest exceptions to quiet the moderates and some liberals to get a foothold? But until then, abortion continues to kill off future voters and taxpayers and we wonder why the economy is freaked out. Go figure. While I believe in total Personhood for our unborn children, I am also mature enough to understand that we have to pick at Roe until we can get in front of the Supreme Court.

The fight is never over or quiet. Even the local NARAL reps have said, “We don’t believe for a second that this threat is over – perhaps delayed, but not over.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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