It’s time to fund me, Mr. Government.

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By Rev. K. H. Marple, Pro-Life Activist/Christian

The poser is this: Should taxpayer funds be used to help a “Christ-centered ministry” buy and renovate a building in which it will offer Bible instruction and other services aimed at preventing abortion?

At least 7 states currently fund crisis pregnancy centers. Collectively those states are allocating approximately $17+ million tax dollars to these anti-abortion centers; South Dakota passed a law requiring that women get counseling from a Crisis Pregnancy Center before receiving an abortion. Then certainly, shouldn’t a crisis pregnancy center get those tax dollars to build the facilities they need? Liberals say no – I say that Liberals need to recognize the fact that they are not the only non-profit player in town.

FACT: Most crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) only hire Christians because they know only Jesus Christ can change the pre-abortive hearts of men and women.

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