An anti-life person quotes the usual scripture to try and usurp God’s authority on the issue of Life: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being,” Genesis 2:7.

The aforementioned anti-life person who quoted Genesis 2:7 as being a definition of personhood is an attorney that used the Bible which in itself is very interesting…and odd. I’m still mystified on how someone can say that the heartbeat does not determine life and that legislators should do the same when formulating new law.

Let’s determine what God actually does and says regarding Genesis 2:7.

The 7 point exposition of Genesis 2:7 is this:

  • God took what was common [dust] and created Life [human race] from it
  • God showed that He is God by making something out of nothing – a living soul which is eternal, from the dust of the Earth, which He also created
  • God’s Divine Omnipotence proves that the soul is BEFORE the body, God had the Breath of Life before the body was formed
  • The ‘breath of Life’ indicates that God made us different from animals by giving us an eternal soul and spirit
  • God had no other person or ‘vessel’ to carry this living soul to be birthed, like Mary was the vessel for Jesus, thus HAD to breathe life into Adam
  • God gave Adam and Eve the ability to physically procreate
  • Totally debunks the theory of evolution and the ‘Life begins at Birth’ theory because JESUS CHRIST [Jn 1:14, 14:7] DIED FOR US to ‘prepare a place’ [Jn 14:2] for us which makes us eternal beings that will one day dwell with Him forever [Jn 14:3].

Further, to say that ‘Life begins at Birth’, you would have to conclude that Life was not ordained by God but by science. Science cannot create; it can only teach what it has already been taught…in other words, how do we know how old that rock or fossil really is? We are told it is billions of years old by tests invented by imperfect people. How do we know that the test is correct if they cannot prove that the test is in fact infallible?

WINDOW TO THE WOMB? The ultrasound, or sonogram, physically shows that baby’s development as a window to the womb signifying that the baby has a head, limbs, a heartbeat, moves, yawns, smiles, dreams, and sucks his/her thumb. Ultrasound evidence cannot be ignored – that is equal to ignoring the person in line in front of you. Choosing to ignore does not make it so.

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