Post-abortive women and men want to be whole, complete…well. Just like the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda, Jesus had to ask me if I wanted to be made well. I didn’t know Jesus 30 years ago and went through years of being a part of the person I was set aside to be. You know, people will do just about anything BUT go to the Lord…I was once such person. Yes, I wanted to be well.

John 5:6 says: ‘When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” Most of us would say a resounding YES, but we don’t….instead, let’s do it the hard way first.

When I began to study and surmise post-abortive psychosis, I came across TONS of different information from ‘it’s all in your head’ to being qualified as an episodic lunatic. I researched for answers to questions that no one wanted to address. Qualifying a psychosis is difficult particularly in post-abortion syndrome/disorder, but are we picking away at this to credit our bad behavior or are we genuinely trying to get better?

Let me qualify this: During the 80’s there was so much daytime talk shows that tried to unravel our lives [by ‘our’ I mean stupid housewives like myself that were ‘captive’ audiences] into some kind of half-witted self-help book. Psychologists tried to tell us we were all victims of something, usually bad parenting. Between Oprah and Phil Donohue, we were all doomed to a living hell that only a very expensive psychologist could pull us out of….maybe. With all that daytime crap television drama, not one person EVER mentioned GOD or being post-abortive.

Interesting timeline to consider:

  • Roe is law in the 70’s: Abortion is now legal and accepted along with the sexual revolution
  • The 80’s: Daytime talk shows a HUGE hit; analyzing ourselves to be good and not evil, blame everyone – the abortion rate is astronomical and getting worse
  • The 90’s: FULL STEAM AHEAD with horrific adult-themed talk shows and other network shows depicting brazen lifestyles that would make ANYONE blush. Notice I did not mention CABLE. By this time celebrities and the government speak up for and applaud Planned Parenthood for their humanitarian work in sex ed for kids and abortion without apology. Now we’re alcoholic, drug addicted, relationship hindered AND post-abortive
  • Then the 2000’s: We are all screwed up, no one is accountable; we are all self-made gods and there are over 55+ MILLION DEAD and counting.

Rock bottom, anyone? Still, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is never mentioned over mainstream media while sexual immorality and abortion is SKYROCKETING. Being post-abortive is inclusive and seemingly invisible. Is it all in our heads? Then why are we still hurting and mourning over what someone once said was ‘settled law’?

After every abortion statistic, there is a real woman that has been hurt by abortion – and many of them are in the Church. Are we ignoring a sect of women and men that are suffering in silence and shame? Yes…because the Church is silent. Christian women are aborting as much as non-Christian women; much like the statistic for divorce is the same for Christians and non-Christians.

The Church needs to step up and see that people are self-medicating with the Church, not being ‘made well’. How do we know if they don’t ask? Preach….Preach the Word. Counsel, love and PREACH.

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