Population control is a major factor in not having the money to keep an economy healthy. Our economic strategy is tax the taxed but forgetting that the government has shot themselves in the foot by keeping people FROM BEING BORN that would have fed the economy as it should have. This porous economy of comical proportions is taking what we’re giving it already to funnel funds to keep others from paying into it. And somehow this makes sense to a Liberal federal government; they keep asking: WHERE’S THE MONEY?

An article says, “The sizeable drop in the U.S. birth rate, reported recently by the Pew Research Center, has probably occurred because of the struggling economy” while others report a drop in the abortion rate. Are people really curtailing their excessive pre-marital sex lives OR is the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and other providers fudging the numbers? OR are people suddenly sexually responsible OR are they taking and/or applying their chosen contraception correctly….OR are certain parts of the American population being targeted for removal?

Considering the lying past of Planned Parenthood, I would comfortably say they are at the very least, fabricating numbers particularly with ‘emergency contraception’, medical abortion and abortifacients [IUD, etc.]. Thinning the herd is how Planned Parenthood was started – Margaret Sanger saw a ‘need’ to keep certain people from procreating instead of teaching people the reality of sexual responsibility. She even blamed her own father for her mother’s death because she had too many children.

It is curious thing to me that upper and middle class Liberal white women want poverty stricken women – who are living in extreme squalor that may not even have heat or food – to have FREE abortion and FREE contraception but won’t take a meal or blanket to them? Planned Parenthood is hiding behind a well-orchestrated façade of so-called ‘cancer screenings’ and ‘nutritional services’ for beleaguered women because everyone else would rather avert their eyes: ‘Pay no attention to the government behind the curtain!’

The fiscal cliff is laughable…it’s a government-made bunch of propaganda just waiting to be funded AGAIN because they kept people from being born for the last 40+ years. Imagine if we had those extra 55+ million people and their children paying into the system…imagine.

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