The scenario is this: You are a stay-at-home mom that does it all; homeschools, cooks, bakes, cleans, nurtures, nurses the booboos and common cold, etc….BUT you (stay-at-home mom) are not a LPN, LVN or NP (nurse practitioner). You bandage, Bactine (that stuff STINGS), give over-the-counter meds or prescribed meds when needed and heeds the doctor’s advice when a doctor is needed.

ONE DAY you get a knock at the door telling you that you are neither a licensed doctor or nurse and cannot give advice or medication without a license even to your own children. In fact, you have to put a sign up explaining this ‘disclaimer’ where everyone can see it saying that you are not a licensed nurse or doctor. Your anti-establishment mothering skills and gifts to your own family have been ‘outed’ as being unhealthy and dangerous to THEIR health.

Then you realize that only moms that are not using the government system of public schools are being targeted because they are off the public school grid and cannot be monitored by the state or federal government. Your ability to make your own decisions for your own family has been taken away by the government because you are not playing the game by their rules.

What would you do, comrade?

The scenario above is somewhat true in many states that are trying to indoctrinate your children. BUT the above story is actually akin to a recent law passed in Maryland regarding a controversial ordinance that requires certain anti-abortion pregnancy centers to post signs warning that the centers do not employ licensed medical personnel and urges pregnant women to ‘consult with a licensed health care provider’.

Interesting. Abortion KILLS unborn children WITH licensed (not always) ‘healthcare’ providers and has killed or seriously injured the moms; Crisis Pregnancy Centers DO NOT KILL unborn children or injure the moms and they have to have be a licensed healthcare provider.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers never said they were doctors, but the licensure problem is the state’s fault for not recognizing crisis pregnancy centers as healthcare for the unborn child not to be killed via the abortion procedure. CPC’s direct moms to real doctors to take care of their real needs as real pregnant women that are allowing their baby to be born whether they keep their baby or give he/she up for adoption.

Just as the scenario above explains, when the government is not involved in your decision making it takes their power away – much like Crisis Pregnancy Centers that do not accept tax-paid government loans, grants and support so that they are not required to do ANYTHING that is detrimental to the mother or unborn child such as advise to abort, etc.

A government that wants to be involved in everything is taking their position to a socialistic one, one that is NOT for the people, but for the GOVERNMENT. Even though the scenario of the homeschool mom is somewhat fictional, even that is actually happening to our families that are taking their families seriously and taking parenting back from the government and ‘public’ school system.

The Crisis Pregnancy Center ordinance in Maryland is not an isolated case at all; the Abortion Agenda is quite real and wants to ensure population control to a group of people that they think can’t control their own sexuality and need abortion to stop their ‘demographic’ from growing disproportionately. The government believes we are not capable of making our own decisions and should lead us like animals. If you are at poverty level or below and is sexually active, you are being targeted for the biggest advertising scheme in history – if you don’t take your FREE government birth control meds then your baby has become a target for FREE abortion, making sure that your ability to have sex is unhindered but your right to have a baby null and void.

FREE abortion is not a woman’s right…it is the government’s right to tell you what to do with your unborn baby and your life.

When the government wants you to have something that is FREE, I assure you – it’s to benefit them, not you.


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