Are we at all aware of what is truly good and evil before we know Christ? What were the settings on your moral barometer AND did THEY change as YOU needed them to change?

When we did not have Christ, we had the Law of Moses. The Law told us we were not perfect and needed to be governed. The Law reminded us that we are capable of being imperfect even though we humans think that we know ourselves well enough not to need governing.

Someone recently said to me, “The battle of good and evil was within him and he took drugs to make it stop, and it only made it worse.” Do we know good and evil before we are saved? I mean, are we looking into the face of God when we are in our trials or are we looking to the morality of ourselves and likeminded others?

The statement above said that drugs were used to make ‘it’ stop, meaning that the battle was hard and he was not able to decide his own fate, such as the law of the land: drugs are illegal. The obvious to him was make it go away, don’t face it, keep it at an arm’s length. His moral barometer, or unspoken law, was saying that the law of the land was not important enough to keep him from doing the illegal thing of buying, possessing and ingesting drugs on a regular basis. While we know that drugs are illegal and that the ingestion of such is going to get a person the desired high, but what that person is not aware of is who else this affects. For most, it will affect their job, marriage and relationships, children; but for some it can be much, much worse; prison or death.

To the unsaved, law is relative to the situation, not a fact. In other words, drugs are illegal; against the law – but it is not ‘against the law’ when you are with others that believe drugs are okay.

How many times do we sin before we get caught up in a web of deceit and have to compensate for it? Only you and God know that answer. Retrospect can be a good thing, it teaches us – but since there is only the law and morality to teach us, we go to great lengths to move the lines around to suit us…the ‘unspoken law’ of morality between friends and acquaintances. For example, a DUI would teach most not to drink and drive ever again and may even make a person stop drinking altogether; but some will move that moral line around a bit to justify AND continue to do the exact same thing and expect different results.

We are broken in a way that no man or law can put back together. We need a Savior.


‘Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.’ Proverbs 21:13

NOTE: I wrote the above the morning of the Connecticut School shootings, not having known that it happened yet. I was busy trying to decipher what God wanted me to write and was frustrated that I couldn’t make sense of it in written form; now I see why.

I am appalled at an America that turns its head to why we have a problem with our youth and instead takes weapons out of the hands of good people that want to protect themselves. The tool of mass destruction is the evil heart of man, not guns.

Whose fault is that? Are there times and seasons when we can curb our demons, choosing our own moral barometer to keep us in self-check or do we give it ALL over to God? The Law between Good and Evil was meant for us before Our True Redeemer came – it was so important to God for us to have the Law because he knew the evil heart of man would succumb to the horrific nature within him without JESUS.

WHO’S WATCHING THE KIDS? Alcohol, drugs, crime, psychotic behavior…are we not seeing the problem? WE ARE THE PROBLEM. Parents are absent and give their kids the tools to create their own world of being shooters, players and GOD. The moral decay of our society is in the homes of Middle America, not in slums and the street, which brings me to:

THE QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘God weeps that we celebrate the birth of a Prince of Peace by gifting Assassin’s Creed III and Black Ops II to our children.’ ~ []

And we wonder why these horrific things happen. We put pseudo-weapons in kid’s hands and make them think they’re sick with disorders and syndromes to justify behavior that expensive psychiatrists rationalize – they make you believe they are the only ones that can unravel the mess in these kid’s heads. The world has maneuvered itself to make it nearly, not completely, impossible to parent our own children. We trust public school and find our kids dead. We trust the government and find that our rights are being taken away to make room for the Liberal Agenda.

“The battle of good and evil was within him and he took drugs to make it stop, and it only made it worse.”   Take parenting back, pray and trust God.


5 thoughts on “The Law between Good and Evil – The Sandy Hook Shooting

  1. Reblogged this on Loopyloo's and commented:
    We do indeed need a savior!!! Children raised without a foundation sink into the sands of evil with no real knowledge of what they are doing. A society that fails it’s children is a society that fails. We have no hope for the future except in Jesus Christ our Lord, and if we are so negligent that we do not take opportunity to teach, to give the hope that is in Him, or gift the word, we will hold the blood of the innocents on our hands as well!

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