Was it as I suspected [yes]? Is our existence determined by our worth [yes]? Don’t ask the government – they’ll tell you that you have a dollar amount of what is owed [taxes, Nat’l debt] what is expected [genuflecting] along with your expected end [soylent green, perhaps?] We the People are a woeful bunch of lazy humans that have given up on the basics of humanity and left the figurin’ to people that are stacked like firewood by a liberal so-called president…lazy AND dangerous.

As I continue my labored walk with LIFE, I still shake my head as if it’s a ‘bad dream’. I see so many people that have made themselves God, listened to others that esteem themselves as God, and live their lives like possessions are God. But where is God? The face of God is everywhere and we ignore the basics of what He is…the One that created LIFE: ‘He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.’ (Isaiah 53:3, KJV)

God gave us Law [Ten Commandments], He gave us free will, He gave us a Savior because of it, and He gave us an expected end. But as Pharaoh and the Pharisees (interestingly the same-ish name…hmm) made the Law of God benefit them and make them as God, we had to determine a moral law, or common-law as we progressed as a people and a nation.

Has God taken His hand off the United States of America and let us govern ourselves? You’d better hope not.

Our expected liberty of Life is just that, expected. It is no longer illegal to murder in some circumstances. Is Life legal? It was when we became a nation, it was noted in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution…although, and interestingly only the Constitution has been amended within an inch of ITS life. Our law system is a series of loopholes that mimic the black holes of space where time and matter is sucked in and nothing is expelled. Our Justice System is there to undermine the law, not preserve it or enforce it. From the humble beginnings of the United States, we had common-law to direct us in the event we did not have civil law or a police state….yet. But how convenient it was to USE the common-law tactic, or common-law LIBERTY, 200 years after the fact when pursuing matters such as ABORTION.

COMMON-LAW ABORTION? “The law with respect to abortion in mid-19th century America followed existing common law of England in all but a few states. Thus, no indictment would occur for aborting a fetus of a consenting female prior to “quickening” [when mom can feel the baby move in utero] But, by the time of the Civil War, an influential anti-abortion movement began to affect legislation by inducing states to add to or revise their statutes in order to prohibit abortion at all stages of gestation. By 1910, every state had anti-abortion laws, except Kentucky whose courts judicially declared abortions to be illegal.” (policyalmanac.org)

So, what happened? COMMON-LAW LIBERTY: ‘Where the important thing to do is to win the case no matter how, however, I suppose I agree with Means’s technique: begin with a scholarly attempt at historical research; if it doesn’t work out, fudge it as necessary; write a piece so long that others will read only your introduction and conclusion; then keep citing it until the courts begin picking it up. This preserves the guise of impartial scholarship while advancing the proper ideological goals.’ Read the rest here.

Essentially, it was argued that there was abortion common-law at the founding of America, a common-law brought from England. And to show how un-Godly, un-American, and blinded our justice system is, Life WAS addressed as being a RIGHT. So, if the theory of common-law abortions is true, then it was our legal system – the Founding Fathers – that depicted the right to LIFE to not be common-law but LAW in the Declaration of Independence; enacted law supersedes common-law: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

If you want to argue the viability of the law regarding the right to Life or the right to abortion, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence CLEARLY address the RIGHT TO LIFE, not the right to abort.

However, I can repudiate it all day long, but it does not change the fact that the decision made in 1967 and 1973 to not only be bad law, but argued to and by justices that were socialistic abortion agenda-focused and rejected the law of the land at the time to redefine unborn Life as they wished it be interpreted….WITHOUT VALUE. Again, this is a clear means to an end to an agenda that was being formulated for YEARS and WE THE PEOPLE were not made privy to it in order to combat it with the proper avenues. Much like the Obamacare laws we have now, we were not given a choice or allowed to enact our Tenth Amendment right of taking it to the State as our Constitution avows we have the right to do.

Thusly, if abortion was common-law since the inception of the United States of America, and it took nearly 200 years to make abortion legal, then we should NOT be surprised or discouraged that it can take another 100 years to unravel Roe, if at all. We determine to protect Life at all stages but we are not able to change the total law of Roe. Again, being determined is what we have to be when dealing with a system that listens in one ear and pukes out the other.

HAVING ARGUED THE CASE SUBJECTING AMERICANS TO CONSIDER WHAT IS COMMON LAW [ABORTION] IN THE 1700’S, WE ARE NOW IN THAT PHASE OF AMERICAN HISTORY THAT WILL DICTATE WHAT WILL BE OUR EVENTUAL END; ALL LIFE WILL BE DECIDED BY THE LAW: Roe opened up a loophole big enough to allow your family to take you off life support…for your own good. Roe opened up a loophole big enough to allow gendercide. Roe opened up a loophole big enough for the assisted suicide of your spouse without your knowledge. Roe opened up a loophole big enough to murder imperfect and perfect unborn children for no reason….all from common-law liberty.


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